DyLight Dyes for Flow Cytometry & Microscopy

DyLight® dyes give you outstanding immunofluorescence results in flow cytometry and microscopy.

DyLight® Dyes

Newborn rat primary cardiac myocytes stained with mouse anti-desmin, detected with goat anti-mouse IgG:DyLight 488 (STAR74D488); rat anti-alpha tubulin detected with goat anti-rat IgG:DyLight 649 (STAR71D649); and rabbit anti-MyBP-C detected with sheep anti-rabbit IgG: DyLight 549.

  • More intense fluorescence and sensitivity than comparable spectral conjugates
  • Economical as DyLight dyes require less conjugated antibody to study your cells than FITC and RPE
  • Greater photostability than other fluorochromes
  • Good stability over pH 4 - 9
  • Ideal for immunofluorescence techniques
  • Compatible with all common fluorescence detection channels

DyLight dyes are excellent alternatives to Alexa Fluor®, CyDye® and LI-COR® fluorescent dyes. They are primarily suitable for use in immunofluorescence techniques such as microscopy and flow cytometry, and may also be used in ELISA, Western blotting, high throughput screening and other array platforms.

Their absorption and emission wavelengths are compatible with popular fluorescence instrumentation, so you won’t have to change your preferred method of imaging.

We currently offer the following DyLight dyes conjugated to primary antibodies and secondary antibodies, and they are also available for custom conjugations to the antibody of your choice.

Dye Excitation max (nm) Emission max (nm)  Fluorescence color
DyLight 405 400 405  
DyLight 488 493 518  
DyLight 550 562 576  
DyLight 650 652 672  
DyLight 680 692 712 Near IR
DyLight 800 777 794 Near IR

DyLight Dyes

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