Flow Cytometry

Alexa Fluor® Antibody Conjugates

F4/80 antibody stained on mouse intestine

Fig 3.Immunofluorescence image of mouse small intestine stained with Rat anti Mouse F4/80 (MCA497PE), red and Rat anti Mouse CD45 (MCA1031A488), green; nuclei are stained with DAPI, blue.

The image highlights macrophages within the lamina propria.

Alexa Fluor® conjugated antibodies produce outstanding results in flow cytometry, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry experiments.

Some of the main features of Alexa Fluor® fluorophores are:

  • Brightness - brighter and more fluorescent than conventional dyes
  • Photostability - more photostable than conventional fluorophores such as FITC and PE
  • pH stability - insensitive to pH changes over a broad range
  • Narrow emission spectra -  ideal for multicolor and multi-plexing experiments

Technical Features of Alexa Fluor® Conjugates

Fluorophores Max excitation (nm) Max emission (nm) Color
Alexa Fluor® 405 401 421  
Alexa Fluor® 488 495 519  
Alexa Fluor® 647 650 665  
Alexa Fluor® 700 702 723  
PE-Alexa Fluor® 647 496, 546 667  
PE-Alexa Fluor® 750 496, 546 779  


Alexa Fluor® Conjugate Products

    DescriptionSpecificityTargetFormatHostIsotypeClone Applications Citations Product Type Code Validation Types

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