Antibodies By Target Species

Antibodies By Target Species

Bio-Rad offers more than nine thousand antibodies and immunological reagents covering the research areas of immunology, veterinary immunology, apoptosis, autophagy, stem cells, and neuroscience for human, rat, mouse and veterinary species.

We offer a comprehensive list of human CD markers, among others anti human CD3 (clone CD3-12), anti human CD52 and multicolor reagents. Anti complement protein human C4d is the ideal marker to monitor transplant rejection and one of our most popular products.

Bio-Rad is the exclusive manufacturer of many key anti mouse antibodies such as F4/80 (clone Cl:A3-1), Ly6B.2 (clone 7/4), CD206 (clone MR5D3), anti Dectin-1 (clone 2A11), and anti CD11b (clone 5C6). An extensive mouse CD marker catalog completes our offering. Anti F4/80, clone Cl:A3-1 is the best known marker for mature mouse macrophages and blood monocytes, cited in over 350 peer-reviewed articles.

Our veterinary antibody offering is a resource for scientists working on veterinary species covering dog, cow, pig and avian species. Bio-Rad offers polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies directed to target antigens from a very wide range of species. Use this gateway to narrow down your antibody search based upon the target species.

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