Anti-mouse Antibodies

The mouse (Mus musculus or house mouse) is a precious tool for biomedical research. Mice are small easy to breed, very prolific and have a short life cycle compared to other mammals.

Mice have been used as animal models in human diseases, in cancer and in immunology. The mouse is also utilized in neurobiology where normally the rat species is preferred.

The relative ease of homologous recombination in mouse species led to the discovery of the gene knock out technique in 1989 whose milestone importance has been sanctioned by the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007.The sequencing of mouse genome in 2000 has further enhanced the potential of this small mammal model highlighting the exceptional similarities of its genes with human counterparts.

Bio-Rad offer nearly 4,000 anti-mouse antibodies and immunological reagents, covering the research areas of immunology, apoptosis, autophagy, stem cells, and neuroscience.

Exclusive Manufacturer

We are the exclusive manufacturer of many key anti mouse antibodies such as F4/80 (clone Cl:A3-1) the best known marker for mature mouse macrophages and blood monocytes, cited in over 350 peer-reviewed articles, Ly6B.2 (clone 7/4), CD206 (clone MR5D3), anti Dectin-1 (clone 2A11), and anti CD11b (clone 5C6). An extensive mouse CD marker catalog, accessible via our easy to use Mouse CD Maker Tool, completes our offering.

Our Anti Mouse Antibody Range

    DescriptionSpecificityTargetFormatHostIsotypeClone Applications Citations Product Type Code Validation Types

    Anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin Secondary Antibodies

    Our range of Anti-mouse secondary antibodies are available in many formats and are useful in a wide range of applications, including flow cytometry (FITC & RPE), immunocytochemistry (HRP & Alk. Phos.) and Western blotting (HRP & Biotin)

    Monoclonal Mouse Antibodies Production

    The mouse species is also used to produce antibodies, mainly monoclonal antibodies.The principle of the technique was discovered in 1975 and the scientists involved were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1984.

    Bio-Rad's bespoken Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production packages can meet your project requirements and support your research. Our hybridoma generation package includes:

    • Immunization of 5 mice
    • Antigen production or conjugation (if required)
    • Screening by Dot Blot and ELISA
    • Cell fusion
    • Supply of positive clones for customer evaluation
    • Cell fusion
    • Expansion & supply of at least 2 clones to the target
    • Recloning
    • Propagation of hybridomas

    Antibody Manufacturing Tools

    Antibody manufacturing products such as the isotyping kit or Mycoplasma Removal Agent (Product code BUF035), labeling and ;conjugation kits LYNX Rapid Conjugation Kits® (Product codes LNK001 to LNK142) are available to help you to develop your own antibody development projects