A Precise Solution to Reproducible Western Blots - PrecisionAb Antibodies

A Precise Solution to Reproducible Western Blots - PrecisionAb Antibodies

The PrecisionAb premium label is reserved for antibodies that meet the defined performance criteria within Bio-Rad's ongoing antibody validation program. 

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Cancer Pathway Posters

Compiling key proteins involved in key signaling pathways: EGF R, mTOR, NF-kB, and PI3K/AKT.

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Complete Solutions for your Western Blotting Workflow

Explore Bio-Rad's complete solutions for your western blotting workflow - gels, electrophoresis chambers, western blotting transfer and imaging systems, buffers, membranes, and immunodetection reagents and kits.


Western blotting, the transfer of proteins to a solid-phase membrane support followed by immunodetection, is a powerful and popular technique for the visualization and identification of proteins. Western blotting combines the resolution of gel electrophoresis with the specificity of immunoassays, allowing the identification and analysis of individual proteins in complex samples.

With over 25 years of western blotting expertise, Bio-Rad provides a wealth of information and products to help optimize and troubleshoot western blotting. This section taps into this expertise, providing an overview of western blotting methods and help with troubleshooting as well as information about products and solutions that will help you obtain the highest-quality western blotting data.  

Western Blotting Technique

The western blotting workflow involves the selection of appropriate methods, apparatus, membrane, buffer, and transfer conditions. This involves two phases: protein transfer to a membrane and detection of the membrane-immobilized protein. Once proteins are immobilized on a membrane, they are available for visualization, detection, and analysis.  

Troubleshooting Western Blots

Are you struggling with western blots? The Western Blot Doctor is a self-help guide developed by Bio-Rad researchers that enables you to identify and troubleshoot western blotting problems. Comprehensive solutions and suggestions are provided to help solve your particular western blotting challenges. 

Featured Product: V3 Western Workflow

Bio-Rad's V3 Western Workflow is a five-step approach to streamlining your western blotting protocol.

The V3 Western Workflow utilizes Bio-Rad’s proprietary stain-free technology to provide visual checkpoints at each step of the western blotting protocol and an alternative to the use of housekeeping proteins via total protein normalization, eliminating stripping and reprobing and delivering high-quality results in half the time.

Western Blotting Products

Bio-Rad’s western blotting products include the V3 Western Workflow, systems for protein transfers, blotting membranes, filter paper, premixed blotting buffers and reagents, protein standards, and detection kits.

Products for Western Blotting

PrecisionAb Western Blotting Primary AntibodiesPrecisionAb Western Blotting Primary Antibodies

Reproducibility at your fingertips.

Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies

NEW Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies

Multiplex western blotting made easy.

ChemiDoc MP Imaging System

ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System

Fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection without compromises.

Clarity and Clarity Max Western ECL Blotting Substrates

Clarity family of ECL substrates provides high performance for all your western chemiluminescence needs.