Conjugation Kits

Conjugation of proteins or antibodies of interest with various molecular labels is often necessary in biological research in order to facilitate detection or quantification of the labeled protein, its binding partners, or antigens, in the case of labeled antibodies. Molecular labels such as fluorophores or biotin are covalently conjugated to proteins or antibodies through reactions with thiol or amine groups.

Bio-Rad offers LYNX Rapid Conjugation Kits® for fast one-step conjugation of proteins and antibodies using a method that is superior to traditional kits and techniques. In contrast to conventional conjugation, LYNX Conjugation Kits® offer consistent results with no post-conjugation clean up process required; therefore the antibodies are ready to use immediately.

The total conjugation time is fifteen minutes with the LYNX Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits® or three hours with the LYNX Rapid Conjugation Kits®, however the reaction may run overnight without any adverse effects.

We offer biotin, streptavidin, alkaline-phosphatase, and HRP conjugation kits as well as a wide range of fluorophore kits.  

Conjugation Kits

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    Custom Services

    Custom Services

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Bio-Rad offers custom antibody conjugation services. The service is available for custom conjugations of your antibodies (either from your lab or one we created for you as part of a custom project) or for creating new conjugates of our existing catalog antibodies.

    Our monoclonal antibody generation service is suitable for any antibody requirement. Just complete the short inquiry form and one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your research needs.



    For assistance, visit our Lynx Rapid Conjugation Kits® technical information page for answers to your frequently asked questions or contact our technical support specialists for expert advice.