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Purification Kits

Proteus Kits use unique StableFlo™ technology to combine the quality protein separation you expect from gravity flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns. These revolutionary kits are currently available for purification of antibodies (Protein A and Protein G Kits) and His-tagged proteins (IMAC Kit), and offer a variety of formats to suit your purification needs.

  • MINI Kits for purification of up to 1 mg of protein in 15 minutes
  • MIDI Kits for purification of up to 20 mg of protein in 60 minutes
  • Kits include pre-packed columns and certified quality buffers
  • Comprehensive handbook

stable The StableFlo™ Advantage

StableFlo™ is a unique technology using back pressure to enable a steady and controlled flow of sample and buffer through the affinity resin column during centrifugation.

This powerful flow regulation technology leads to both higher antibody yields and improved purification results in comparison with similar gravity flow and spin systems.

The columns are supplied pre-packed and ready-to-use*, with quality controlled buffers to ensure great results, every time.

* MINI Endotoxin removal kits contain loose resin, not prepacked plugs.

Antibody Purification


Small Scale Purification: Proteus Protein A and G MINI Kits

  • From sample to pure antibody in under 20 minutes
  • Ideal for small-scale antibody purification
  • Ready-to-use buffers for 48 mini preps

Proteus MINI Protein A & G Antibody Purification Kits allow you to rapidly purify typically 1 mg of antibody in your standard bench microfuge. They are ideal for:

(a) Screening antibody expression levels.
(b) Purification of antibodies for solution-state immunoassays, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence studies, Western blotting and immunoprecipitation experiments.


Large-scale Purification: Proteus Protein A and G MIDI Kits

  • From sample to pure antibody in under 60 minutes
  • High yields of functional antibodies
  • Small elution volumes for high antibody concentrations

Proteus MIDI Protein A & G Antibody Purification Kits are ideal for semi-preparative purification of typically 20 mg of concentrated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for all downstream applications.

His-6-tag Protein Purification

  • Screen expression clones for high levels of His-6-tagged proteins (MINI Kit)
  • Ideal for preparative purification of typically 20 mg of His-6-tagged proteins for structural and functional studies (MIDI Kit)

Proteus Ni-IMAC MINI and MIDI Protein Purification Kits are designed for simple, complete, and rapid purification of His-6-tagged recombinant proteins from bacterial cells, insect vectors, mammalian cells, and yeast under native or denaturing conditions.

Each Proteus Kit contains all the pre-packed spin columns, ultrafiltration units and quality assured buffers needed for rapid and efficient antibody purification – all ready-to-use, for maximum convenience and speed. Spin Column Packs containing no ultrafiltration units or buffers are also available.

Endotoxin Removal

Proteus Endotoxin Removal Kits are designed for easy and effective removal of endotoxins from antibodies, recombinant proteins, and viral vectors. 

  • Rapid removal of endotoxin in less than 1 hour
  • High capacity kits with a binding capacity of 450,000 EU/ml
  • MINI and MIDI formats depending on sample size and endotoxin loads

large Proteus Pump collar

Large Sample Volumes Just Got Easier!
Large volumes of dilute cell culture supernatants (1-5 liters) can easily be loaded onto MIDI spin columns using our simple Proteus Pump Collar accessory (PUR027) for hands-free convenience. Purified proteins or antibodies can subsequently be eluted in a concentrated form by centrifugation.

UF Spinner - Instructions for Use