Antibody Product Types

Antibody Product Types


Viral and bacterial antigens for your immunological assays including ELISA, western blotting, and hemagglutination analyses.

Primary Antibodies

Purified and fluorophore-conjugated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against various species such as human, mouse, rat, and sheep.

Secondary Antibodies

Affinity purified and optimized secondary antibodies in a variety of formats for applications such as IHC, western blotting, and flow cytometry.


Buffers and accessory reagents in concentrated and ready to use formats for all applications.

Antibody Panels & Cocktails

Simplify your design process with our antibody panels and cocktails for analyzing various immune mechanisms and functions.

Proteins & Peptides

Choose from a wide selection of proteins and peptides, including chemokines, cytokines, hormones, and growth factors.


Kits containing all the required materials for assays such as apoptosis and autophagy detection, ELISA, isotyping, as well as protein and endotoxin purification.

Conjugation Kits

LYNX Rapid & Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits® for fast and simple addition of labels such as fluorophores, biotin, and streptavidin to your choice of antibodies or proteins .

Lab Equipment

Slide-A-Lyzer® Dialysis Cassette for dialyzing samples for your protein research.

Negative/Isotype Controls

Browse our extensive selection of isotype controls in a variety of formats such as purified, enzyme- and fluorophore-conjugated, or endotoxin-free.


Sera from a number of species such as goat, mouse, and donkey for your functional assays, immunoassays, and IHC experiments.

PrecisionAb for WB

Extensively validated antibodies for WB provide superior performance and reproducibility to help you produce the highest-quality WB data.