Secondary Antibodies Tested in Flow Cytometry

As specialists in the flow cytometry field, our antibody portfolio includes a selection of secondary antibodies tested in flow cytometry. Feel free to filter the table below, using our target species button or the individual filters within the table, to find exactly what you are looking for.

As well as our range of secondary antibodies, we offer an extensive selection of flow cytometry tested primary antibodies including our new StarBright Dye conjugated antibodies and a large selection of additional products/consumables to help you achieve successful experiments. These include:

We provide a large, comprehensive range of useful educational flow cytometry resources that teach you how to overcome common challenges when building flow cytometry panels, including experimental data demonstrating the benefits and ease of use of StarBright Dyes and an article on Using Secondary Reagents in Flow Cytometry with Confidence.

Flow Cytometry Secondary Antibody Range

    Description Target Host Clone Specificity Format Citations Isotype Applications Product Type Code