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Apoptosis Webinar

"A question of Life or Death" - differentiating between healthy and apoptotic cells

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Apoptosis Webinar

Dead or Alive on the ZE5™ - Using flow cytometry to measure apoptosis

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Simply add 1-2 drops to Determine your Cell Viability

A mixture of live and heat-killed Jurkat cells were stained with ReadiDrop 7-AAD for 1 min prior to sorting

Figure 1. A mixture of live and heat-killed Jurkat cells were stained with ReadiDrop 7-AAD for 1 min prior to sorting

The ReadiDrop 7-aminoactinomycin D (7-AAD) cell viability dye is designed as a ready-to-use 7-AAD solution, to exclude dead cells in Flow Cytometry and Immunofluorescence Microscopy. 7-AAD enters a cell with a compromised membrane and binds to double-stranded DNA.

This dye is available as a convenient ready-to-use solution: simply add 1 or 2 drops of the 7-AAD solution to assess the viability of your cells.

7-AAD Cell Viability Dye Key Benefits

The ReadiDrop 7-AAD cell viability dye has a number of key benefits and these include:

  • Ideal for cell sorting: 7-AAD is in a PBS solution without preservative
  • Convenient: as the dye is stable at room temperature you can keep the bottle of ReadiDrop 7-AAD cell viability assay by your cell sorter or cell analyzer for easy access
  • No more weighing, pipetting, and diluting:1 µg/ml final concentration when 1-2 drops added to your cells

7-AAD Spectra & Features

 Excitation and Emission Spectra of 7-AAD

Figure 2. Excitation and emission spectra of 7-AAD. Maximal excitation is 546 nm (blue) and maximal emission is 647 nm (red).

Key dye characteristics and handling instructions for ReadiDrop 7-AAD cell viability dye include:

Fluorophore properties

  • Max excitation: 546 nm
  • Max emission: 647 nm
  • Optimal laser: 561 nm or 488 nm


  • Store at 15–30°C
  • Do not freeze

We also offer fixable cell viability dyes in a range of excitation and emission spectra to incorporate into multi-color Flow Cytometry panels.