Custom Antibody Services

Antibody Conjugation Service

Bio-Rad offers custom conjugation of an antibody to HRP, biotin or a fluorophore, either to an antibody in our catalog or as a stand-alone service for customer-supplied material. See below for the selection of DyLight dyes, other fluorophores and labels available to choose from.

Freeze-drying is recommended for stable, long term storage of antibodies, especially for antibodies conjugated with RPE.

Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP)
Label Excitation max (nm) Emission max (nm)  Fluorescence color
DyLight 405 400 420  
FITC 490 525  
DyLight 488 493 518  
DyLight 550 562 576  
RPE 496, 546 578  
DyLight 650 652 672  
DyLight 680 692 712 Near IR
DyLight 800 777 794 Near IR

In addition to the custom conjugation service, we offer two ranges of antibody conjugation kits: Readilink fluorophores have been optimized for flow cytometry; Lynx kits include enzymes and biotin conjugations in addition to common fluorophores.

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