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CD45 antibody | 1.11.32

Mouse anti Sheep CD45:RPE

Product Type
Monoclonal Antibody

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Mouse anti Sheep CD45 antibody, clone 1.11.32 recognizes the ovine CD45 (Leucocyte common antigen), expressed on all ovine lymphocytes, macrophages and granulocytes. Mouse anti Sheep CD45 antibody, clone 1.11.32 immunoprecipitates CD45 molecules of 190 kDa, 210 kDa and 225 kDa from lymph node lysates.

Target Species
Species Cross-Reactivity
Target SpeciesCross Reactivity
N.B. Antibody reactivity and working conditions may vary between species.
Product Form
Purified IgG conjugated to R. Phycoerythrin (RPE) - lyophilized
Reconstitute with 1 ml distilled water
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein A from tissue culture supernatant
Buffer Solution
Phosphate buffered saline
Preservative Stabilisers
0.09% sodium azide (NaN3)
1% bovine serum albumin
5% sucrose
Ovine efferent lymphatic duct lymphocytes.
Fusion Partners
Spleen cells from immunized BALB/c mice were fused with cells of the mouse NS-1 myeloma cell line.
Max Ex/Em
Fluorophore Excitation Max (nm) Emission Max (nm)
RPE 488nm laser 496 578
For research purposes only
12 months from date of despatch

Prior to reconstitution store at +4°C. Following reconstitution store at +4°C.
This product should be stored undiluted. This product is photosensitive and should be protected from light. Should this product contain a precipitate we recommend microcentrifugation before use.

This product has been reported to work in the following applications. This information is derived from testing within our laboratories, peer-reviewed publications or personal communications from the originators. Please refer to references indicated for further information. For general protocol recommendations, please visit the antibody protocols page.
Application Name Verified Min Dilution Max Dilution
Flow Cytometry Neat
Where this product has not been tested for use in a particular technique this does not necessarily exclude its use in such procedures. Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own system using appropriate negative/positive controls.
Flow Cytometry
Use 10μl of the suggested working dilution to label 106 cells in 100μl

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Mouse IgG1 Negative Control:RPE MCA928PE F 100 Tests
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Description Mouse IgG1 Negative Control:RPE

Source Reference

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