Our Commitment to Making Science More Sustainable

Bio-Rad is committed to using development and manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment and that minimize waste, pollution, and health and safety risks to our employees and customers.

Did you know that we have been implementing changes to further reduce our impact on the environment? Read about our changes below.

Digital DatasheetsDigital Datasheets

We are introducing digital datasheets* to reduce our carbon footprint by at least 62.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year – that’s equivalent to the carbon footprint of three average research labs!**

Rather than sending out tens of thousands of sheets of paper each year, many of which are destined to become waste, you will be able to locate, download, and save any datasheets you need from our website. By only printing datasheets when it is essential, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of your research.

Your antibody product label contains all the information you need to find your batch specific datasheet. A step-by-step guide to illustrate the process will be available when this new functionality launches, and our technical support team will be happy to assist you, should you encounter any issues.

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In some regions, datasheets may still be printed locally and sent with orders to comply with local regulations. 

** The carbon footprint for the lighting, cold room and small equipment in a research lab of 7-10 people is estimated to be 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year (Nathans and Sterling 2016).

Minimizing Our Paper Usage

We try to eliminate our use of paper from online ordering and invoicing wherever possible. All employees at the Oxford Antibody Production site are encouraged to think before they print to try and minimize paper usage. We offer digital versions of our resources and only send printed versions when requested.

When we do have to print, we always try to use recycled paper and you will find the recycled paper logo on many of our fliers, brochures, and other marketing materials.

No Novelty ItemsNo Novelty Items

Unlike other companies, Bio-Rad doesn’t give away novelty items for promotions or at tradeshows, conferences, and events. Everything we hand out is designed to be useful and have a long life: from test tube floats to cotton tote bags and educational resources. You won’t find any single-use plastic or gimmicks on our stands, as we want everything to be of value to you and not to end up in a waste bin.

World Land Trust’sPlant a Tree Initiatives

We will plant a tree on your behalf when you review any of our antibodies through antYbuddY. Working in partnership with World Land Trust’s Plant a Tree program, your tree(s) will help restore the Atlantic rainforest. The more reviews you leave, the more trees you can plant!

We are always working on ideas to be more sustainable. If you have any ideas for other ways we can help reduce the impact of research on the environment, we are happy to hear them!

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