A More Sustainable Solution for Product Datasheets

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From March 15, 2021, Bio-Rad no longer supplies printed datasheets with orders for products available from bio-rad-antibodies.com*.

Each year, we send out tens of thousands of sheets of paper, many of which are destined to become waste, and so to reduce our impact on the environment, while still providing customers with all of the information they need in a convenient way, we are switching to digital, batch/lot-specific datasheets.

You will be able to access the most recent datasheet in the same way you do now – through the product pages on bio-rad-antibodies.com.


We are introducing a new search function that will allow you to quickly and easily locate your batch/lot-specific product datasheet – using the information on the product label.

Watch The Tutorial

Our short tutorial video explains, how to use the product code and lot number, found on the label, to quickly and easily locate and save digital datasheets.

*In some regions, datasheets may still be printed locally and sent with orders to comply with local regulations.