Antibodies for Malaria Diagnostics


Bio-Rad has used HuCAL® technology to develop heat-stable antibodies that are suitable to develop robust malaria diagnostic tools for use in tropical climates and remote areas.

thermal denaturation curve for anti-LDH (P.falciparum) antibody

Thermal denaturation curve for anti-LDH (P.falciparum) antibody HCA158 measured by UV adsorption at 250 nm. The melting temperature is 81.5°C

We offer three antibodies that were generated against Plasmodium LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) from P. vivax and P. falciparum, and two antibodies raised against HRP II (Histidine Rich Protein II) from P. falciparum.

These fully human monoclonal antibodies have the following advantages:

  • Heat stable, thermostability T(m) up to 80°C
  • ELISA antibody pairs (HCA160+HCA159P, HCA158+HCA157P)
  • Recombinant production – reliable, consistent quality
  • Secure and consistent long-term supply

Selection of Antibodies with High Thermostability

HuCAL technology was used to generate unique thermostable antibodies with the goal of suitability for superior diagnostic assay development. The recombinant phage display library was subjected to stress conditions (heat and denaturants) prior to antibody selection. This specialized guided selection process resulted in antibodies which exhibited thermostability T(m) up to 80°C as measured with CD spectroscopy. 

Highly Specific Antibodies to detect LDH and HRP II

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