Bio-Rad Antibodies, Kits & Reagents - Full Catalogue

At Bio-Rad we are committed to helping you achieve your research goals. As such, we offer over 11,000 antibodies and reagents for applications such as flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, and western blotting. Our antibody range also includes the highly validated Precision Ab™ antibodies for western blotting.  As antibody experts, we provide antibodies for a wide range of research areas such as cancer, immunology, cell biology and veterinary research.

To support research applications, we also offer a selection of buffers, reagents, isotype controls and kits for measuring cell proliferation.

Below is a complete list of our product catalogue (so please excuse the extended loading time of the initial page). Feel free to use the antibody selector tool below to find the right antibodies or reagents for your experiments.

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