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buy antibodies from Bio-Rad Bio-Rad is a global manufacturer and supplier of over 10,000 antibodies, kits and accessories. When you buy antibodies from us, not only do we provide antibodies of the highest quality, but we also pride ourselves on providing great customer support as well.

You can browse our antibody catalog and buy antibodies online or contact one of our local offices via email, phone or fax.   

We also offer custom antibody services with a variety of manufacture and modification options. Whether you need a large amount of antibodies for a specific project, or the in-house demand exceeds your capacity, Bio-Rad can accommodate your needs. You can buy custom antibodies on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing production provision.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing antibodies from Bio-Rad:

Buy Antibodies of The Highest Quality

Buy antibodies of the highest quality

When you buy antibodies from us, we stand behind the quality of that antibody. Bio-Rad performs both in house testing, as well as a thorough review of published literature, to determine which applications are suitable for use with our antibodies.

Bio-Rad demonstrates its commitment to quality by offering:

  • Up to 18 months shelf life on catalog products
  • Unrivaled technical support staffed by experienced scientists

If you buy an antibody from us and it does not perform to the specification as described on its datasheet, then we are here to help. We offer troubleshooting assistance, and if the issue still cannot be resolved, we will replace the antibody or offer a credit.

Buy Antibodies That Are Quality Certified

Buy antibodies ISO 9001 certified

Bio-Rad’s manufacturing sites are ISO certified (ISO 9001) and you can be confident the antibodies you buy are of the highest quality, and the related antibody services we offer meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Download our quality certification PDFs

No Antibody — No Charge Guarantee buy antibodies - HuCAL custom monoclonal antibodies

We are also very proud of the high quality of our HuCAL custom monoclonal antibodies. With over 45 billion unique Fab antibody sequences in our HuCAL PLATINUM library, we are confident that we can generate an antibody against any antigen.

If we do not find at least one ELISA-positive antibody recognizing your antigen, then there is no charge for HuCAL Library screening – guaranteed!

You’re Not Just Buying Antibodies buy antibodies and get technical & custom antibody support

Bio-Rad prides itself on the quality of Technical & Customer Service it offers to customers. Each of our regional offices are staffed with experienced scientists trained to answer your questions on our products.

We believe providing high-quality products and services are the key to customer satisfaction. In support of this goal, we are committed to providing a response in 24 hours or less.

Our website also hosts numerous antibody resources to help our customers with their ongoing research, these include application guides for ELISA, Flow Cytometry, minireviews, FAQs and recommended protocols.

Buy antibodies from any of our worldwide offices Buy Antibodies From Around The World

We have offices worldwide, including in the UK, USA and Germany. For your convenience, when you call or fax our European toll-free line you will automatically be connected to your local office.

We always strive to provide the high standard of customer and technical service you expect from Bio-Rad, from any phone or fax machine and free of charge!

buy antibodies with 100% satisfaction

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction when you buy antibodies from us is the key to our success. If you are not satisfied with any of our products and services, let us know why and we will do our best to put it right – guaranteed!