Have you got the Festive Factor?

13 December, 2019
Have you got the Festive Factor?

Tis the season to be jolly! With that in mind, we have delved into the depths of our catalog to find you the best festive offerings from our portfolios.

Here are our most Christmassy products and associated “Festive Factor” scores. Which product will be the winner and see its name in lights?


Rabbit Anti-CARD11 Antibody (AHP2445)

Giving and receiving cards is a festive tradition that dates back to the 1840s. Yes, the CARD is short for caspase recruitment domain-containing protein, but this CARD11 antibody could be the most useful card that you get this year.

Festive Factor 4/10


Mouse Anti-Human ELF3 Antibody (VMA00602)

Elves are famously Santa’s helpers. Our ELF3 antibody has been validated for western blotting and could help you get great results.

Festive Factor 9/10


Rabbit Anti-Caspase-7 Antibody (AHP1788)

This antibody recognizes a Caspase-7, AKA ICE-like Apoptotic Protease 3 (ICE-LAP3).  We think that ICE-LAP3 sounds like it could be Santa’s licence plate.

Festive Factor 8/10

STAR132 festive factor

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG1 Antibody  (STAR132)

With the product code STAR, this antibody is a strong contender for the most festive link. The star is a key event in the Nativity story and this secondary antibody could be key to your results.

Festive Factor 6/10

Magiv Red festive factor

Magic Red Kits (ICT935, ICT936, ICT937, ICT938, ICT939, ICT941, ICT942)

It is the most magical time of the year and red is a very popular color. Plus the cells in this image look a bit like Rudolph’s nose.

Festive Factor 7/10



Mouse Anti-Bovine CD21 Antibody, clone CC21 (MCA1424)

This antibody is cross-reactive with two kinds of deer (red deer and mule deer).  It isn’t reindeer but it seems close enough.

Festive Factor 3/10

CD205 festive factor


Rat Anti-Mouse CD205, clone NLDC-145 (MCA949)

The target of this antibody is DEC-205, an integral membrane glycoprotein expressed by mouse dendritic cells and thymic epithelial cells.  So festive that even the target is almost Christmas Day.

Festive Factor 6/10

Think You Can Do Better?

Search our catalog with A.I.den and see what festive products you can find. Let us know your top results by using #FestiveAbFactor on Twitter and Facebook. We will feature the best on our blog.


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