Podcast: Studying Cell Proliferation

11 May, 2019
Podcast: Studying Cell Proliferation

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 Keep your mind active during lab breaks, or warm-up for the day ahead on your commute, with short podcasts from Bio-Rad. With more than 35 years of antibody expertise, our podcasts are designed to help you improve your lab performance and get winning results.

Understanding Cell Cycle Regulation

Keep your research moving forwards in your lab breaks by listening to our short podcasts on cell cycle regulation.  Each podcast features advice from the Bio-Rad Antibody team, on an area of cell cycle regulation, to help you improve your assays.

Tools for Studying Cell Proliferation

A number of different assay types exist for studying cell proliferation but which technique is best for you? In this podcast, Bio-Rad reviews three popular methods: using thymidine analogs, quantifying DNA content, and detecting cell proliferation markers.

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Want to Know More?

Take a look at our blog "Measuring the inevitable divide - tools for assessing cell proliferation" to learn more about the eukaryotic cell cycle.


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