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Antibody Advice Guide | Free guide to become an antibody expert
  • Article

    Reporter Protein Antibodies

    Our reporter protein antibody range includes Beta-galactosidase, Green Fluorescent Protein, Glutathione S-transferase, Luciferase and Maltose Binding Protein

  • Posters & Booklets & Pathways

    A Hard AKT to Follow — High Quality Antibodies for AKT Cell Signaling

    AKT is a central kinase that controls diverse processes including cell survival and apoptosis. We describe the functions of AKT and list Bio-Rad’s anti-AKT antibodies, including those targeting the human AKT1 E17K mutation. Key proteins involved with the pathway are included in a downloadable poster

  • Article

    Anti S-tag Antibodies

    Anti s-tag antibodies from Bio-Rad that can be used in a variety of protein expression applications in mammalian cells. Clones offered SBSTAGa, SBSTAGb, SBSTAGc

  • Article

    SARS-CoV-2 — the Deadly Coronavirus

    SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, uses the spike (S) protein to infect. The S protein has S1 and S2 subdomains. The S1 subdomain binds the cellular receptor, ACE2, with the RBD. The S2 subdomain facilitates viral cell fusion. Discover more...

  • Article

    SARS‐CoV‐2 Therapy Targets

    Coronavirus SARS‐CoV‐2 spike (S) protein and nucleocapsid (N) protein generate immune responses, inducing IgA, IgM, and IgG antibodies, making both targets for vaccines.

  • Article

    Epitope Tag Antibodies

    Epitope tag antibodies; c-myc, DYKDDDDK-tag, GST-tag, MBP-tag, Histidine-tag, V5-tag, S-tag, Strep-tag antibodies; protein purification; tagged proteins; 9E10 c-myc antibody

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  • AG
    Leukocyte Aggregation
  • CE
    Cell Permeabilization and Fixation
  • EM
    Electron Microscopy
  • ES
  • F*
    Flow Cytometry *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • FN*
    Functional Assay *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • FN
    Functional Assay
  • F
    Flow Cytometry
  • GS
    Gel Super Shift Assays
  • H
  • IA
    In Vitro Assay
  • IC*
    Immunocytochemistry *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • IC
  • IM
    Immunomagnetic Assay
  • IS
    Isotyping Assay
  • IY
  • LF
    Lateral Flow
  • NP
  • P*
    Immunohistology – Paraffin Sections *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • PP
    Protein Purification
  • P
    Immunohistology – Paraffin Sections
  • R
  • TB
  • C*
    Immunohistology – Frozen Sections *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • CH
    Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • CJ
  • CT
    Cytotoxic Assay
  • C
    Immunohistology – Frozen Sections
  • E*
    ELISA *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • E
  • IB
  • ID
  • IF*
    Immunofluorescence *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • IF
  • IP*
    Immunoprecipitation *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • IP
  • IR
    IRMA (Immunoradiometric Assay)
  • LI
    Live Cell Imaging
  • MP
    Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MeDIP)
  • RE*
    Immunohistology – Resin Sections *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • RE
    Immunohistology – Resin Sections
  • RI
    Radial Immunodiffusion
  • SP
    Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • TC
    Tissue Culture
  • WB*
    Western Blotting *Requires special conditions – see datasheet.
  • WB
    Western Blotting