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Resources to help plan and optimize your flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is a common lab application which can appear complicated. Therefore we have put together a handy starter pack containing common flow cytometry resources to help with planning and optimization of your flow cytometry experiments.



This new starter pack contains:

Flow Cytometry Basics Guide

In this guide we give you a basic overview of all the important concepts in flow cytometry without the complicated physics. This includes basic principles of flow cytometry, principles of fluorescence, data analysis, common protocols and trouble shooting. 

This guide is suitable for both novice users and can be used as a teaching guide.

Isotype Controls

The use of isotype controls can be controversial in flow cytometry. This brochure explains what isotype controls are, what they show and when you should use them so you can be confident with your staining.

Intracellular Staining Tips and Tricks

Unlike surface staining, intracellular staining can be problematic due to the extra steps of fixation and permeabilization. We have handy tips and tricks for intracellular staining using LeucopermTM to help optimize this often difficult technique.

Fluorophore Guide

This simple guide of our available fluorophores, including unique tandem dyes, gives you information on both the excitation and emission spectra and the relative brightness helping you to build multicolor flow cytometry panels.

Tips and Tricks for the Design of Multicolor Panels

Designing multicolor panels can be daunting. We have compiled a list of ten tips and tricks to help you build multicolor panels and improve your staining. Whether this is dead cell removal, optimizing your sample preparation or simply the correct treatment of fluorophores, these handy tips and tricks will allow you to get the most from your staining.

Plots, Gates and Regions

Flow cytometry relies on gating to identify cells with common characteristics. This simple guide to common types of plots used to represent data and gating strategies will help you analyze your data.

Take Control

Controls in any experiment are vital to reliably distinguish your results from background variation. This handy checklist describes controls in flow cytometry you should consider to ensure publication quality data. 

We have over 3000 flow cytometry tested antibodies available across many species with 26 fluorophores.



No experiment is complete without all the pieces and one key piece is the confidence in the health of your cells. This will ensure reproducibility and improve your data, particularly in flow cytometry. We have a range of antibodies, kits and reagents to determine the health of your cells. These will help you detect cell viability, proliferation, apoptosis and autophagy.

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