NOXO1 antibody

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Rabbit anti Human NOXO1

Product Type
Polyclonal Antibody
Polyclonal IgG
Product Code Applications Pack Size List Price Quantity
50 µg loader

Rabbit anti Human NOXO1 antibody recognizes human NADPH oxidase organizer 1, also known as NOXO1, NADPH oxidase regulatory protein, Nox organizer 1, Nox-organizing protein 1 or SH3 and PX domain-containing protein 5. NOXO1 is a 376 amino acid ~48 kDa cell membrane associated protein involved in the superoxide-generating activity of NOX1 and NOX3 and is required for the development of crystalline gravity sensing structures of the inner ear (Lundberg et al. 2015).

Multiple isoforms of human NOXO1 generated by alternative splicing have been described. Rabbit anti Human NOXO1 antibody recognizes an epitope within the sequence “SGPQFCASRAYES” representing amino acids 238-252 of isoform 1 of human NOXO1, this sequence is common to all described isoforms of human NOXO1 (UniProt : Q8NFA2).

Product Details

Target Species
Species Cross-Reactivity
Target SpeciesCross Reactivity
Chimpanzee Expected from Sequence
N.B. Antibody reactivity and working conditions may vary between species.
Product Form
Purified IgG - liquid
Antiserum Preparation
Antiserum to human NOXO1was raised by repeated immunisation of rabbits with highly purified antigen. Purified IgG was prepared from whole serum by affinity chromatography.
Buffer Solution
Phosphate buffered saline
Preservative Stabilisers
0.01% Sodium Azide (NaN3)
Recombinant Human NOXO1.
Approx. Protein Concentrations
Total protein concentration 1.0mg/ml

Storage Information

Store at +4oC or at -20oC if preferred.
Storage in frost-free freezers is not recommended.
This product should be stored undiluted. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as this may denature the antibody. Should this product contain a precipitate we recommend microcentrifugation before use.
12 months from date of despatch

More Information

Entrez Gene
GO Terms
GO:0007154 cell communication
GO:0010310 regulation of hydrogen peroxide metabolic process
GO:0016176 superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase activator activity
GO:0019899 enzyme binding
GO:0035091 phosphatidylinositol binding
GO:0043020 NADPH oxidase complex
GO:0060263 regulation of respiratory burst
For research purposes only

Applications of NOXO1 antibody

This product has been reported to work in the following applications. This information is derived from testing within our laboratories, peer-reviewed publications or personal communications from the originators. Please refer to references indicated for further information. For general protocol recommendations, please visit the antibody protocols page.
Application Name Verified Min Dilution Max Dilution
ELISA 1:20000 1:100000
Immunohistology - Paraffin 5 10ug/ml
Western Blotting 1:2000 1:8000
Where this product has not been tested for use in a particular technique this does not necessarily exclude its use in such procedures. Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own system using appropriate negative/positive controls.
This product does not require protein digestion pre-treatment of paraffin sections. This product does not require antigen retrieval using heat treatment prior to staining of paraffin sections.
Histology Positive Control Tissue
Human colon

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Antigen Retrieval Buffer, pH8.0 BUF025A P 500 ml
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