FKBP1A antibody

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Rabbit anti FKBP1A

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PrecisionAb Polyclonal
Polyclonal IgG
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Rabbit anti Human FKBP1A antibody recognizes the peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP1A, also known as 12 kDa FK506-binding protein, 12 kDa FKBP, FKBP12-Exip3, PPIase FKBP1A, calstabin 1, immunophilin FKBP12, protein kinase C inhibitor 2 or rotamase.

The protein encoded by the FKBP1A gene is a member of the immunophilin protein family, which play a role in immunoregulation and basic cellular processes involving protein folding and trafficking. The protein is a cis-trans prolyl isomerase that binds the immunosuppressants FK506 and rapamycin. It interacts with several intracellular signal transduction proteins including type I TGF-beta receptor. It also interacts with multiple intracellular calcium release channels, and coordinates multi-protein complex formation of the tetrameric skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor. In mouse, deletion of this homologous gene causes congenital heart disorder known as noncompaction of left ventricular myocardium. Multiple alternatively spliced variants, encoding the same protein, have been identified. The human genome contains five pseudogenes related to FKBP1A, at least one of which is transcribed (provided by RefSeq, Sep 2008).

Rabbit anti Human FKBP1A gene antibody detects a band of 16 kDa. The antibody has been extensively validated for western blotting using whole cell lysates.

Product Details

Target Species
Western Blotting
Anti FKBP1A detects a band of approximately 16 kDa in Raji cell lysates.
Product Form
Purified IgG - liquid.
Rabbit polyclonal antibody purified by affinity chromatography.
Buffer Solution
Phosphate buffered saline.
Preservative Stabilisers
0.09% Sodium Azide (NaN3)
2% Sucrose.
Synthetic peptide directed towards the middle region of human FKBP1A

Storage Information

Store undiluted at -20°C, avoiding repeated freeze thaw cycles.
12 months from date of despatch

More Information

Entrez Gene
GO Terms
GO:0003755 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity
GO:0042026 protein refolding
GO:0005829 cytosol
GO:0004871 signal transducer activity
GO:0005528 FK506 binding
GO:0006458 'de novo' protein folding
GO:0007183 SMAD protein complex assembly
GO:0014802 terminal cisterna
GO:0022417 protein maturation by protein folding
GO:0031398 positive regulation of protein ubiquitination
GO:0032092 positive regulation of protein binding
GO:0032513 negative regulation of protein phosphatase type 2B activity
GO:0032925 regulation of activin receptor signaling pathway
GO:0034205 beta-amyloid formation
GO:0034713 type I transforming growth factor beta receptor binding
GO:0042110 T cell activation
GO:0043123 positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB cascade
GO:0043206 fibril organization
GO:0046332 SMAD binding
GO:0048185 activin binding
GO:0050776 regulation of immune response
GO:0055010 ventricular cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis
GO:0060314 regulation of ryanodine-sensitive calcium-release channel activity
GO:0060347 heart trabecula formation
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Applications of FKBP1A antibody

This product has been reported to work in the following applications. This information is derived from testing within our laboratories, peer-reviewed publications or personal communications from the originators. Please refer to references indicated for further information. For general protocol recommendations, please visit the antibody protocols page.
Application Name Verified Min Dilution Max Dilution
Western Blotting 1/1000

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