Apolipoprotein A1 antibody

Sheep anti Human Apolipoprotein A1

Product Type
Polyclonal Antibody
Polyclonal IgG
Apolipoprotein A1

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E WB 0.5 mg
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Sheep anti Human Apolipoprotein A1 antibody reacts with human apolipoprotein A1 and does not react with other human plasma proteins. In ELISA the following reactivities are observed:

Human apolipoprotein A1100%
Human apolipoprotein B<3%
Human albumin<1%

Apolipoprotein A1 is a single polypeptide with a molecular weight of 28 kDa. It is the major protein component of high density lipoprotein particles and functions in preventing the accumulation of cholesterol loaded macrophages which deposit on the arterial wall as foam cells.

Target Species
Species Cross-Reactivity
Target SpeciesCross Reactivity
N.B. Antibody reactivity and working conditions may vary between species.
Product Form
Purified IgG - lyophilized
Use sterile DI water
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on immobilized human apolipoprotein A1
Buffer Solution
0.1M Sodium Chloride
0.01M Sodium Phosphate
0.01M Sodium Borate
Preservative Stabilisers
1% Mannitol
1% Dextran
Purified human apolipoprotein A1
For research purposes only
Guaranteed until date of expiry. Please see product label.

Prior to reconstitution store at +4°C.
After reconstitution store at -20°C.
Storage in frost-free freezers is not recommended. This product should be stored undiluted. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as this may denature the antibody.

This product has been reported to work in the following applications. This information is derived from testing within our laboratories, peer-reviewed publications or personal communications from the originators. Please refer to references indicated for further information. For general protocol recommendations, please visit the antibody protocols page.
Application Name Verified Min Dilution Max Dilution
ELISA 1/5000 1/20000
Western Blotting
Where this product has not been tested for use in a particular technique this does not necessarily exclude its use in such procedures. Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own system using the appropriate negative/positive controls.
This antibody can be used in a sandwich ELISA with 0650-0050 as the capture antibody.

Description Product Code Applications Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
Rabbit anti Sheep IgG (H/L):Biotin 5184-2304 C E F WB 1.5 ml loader
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Description Rabbit anti Sheep IgG (H/L):Biotin
Donkey anti Sheep/Goat IgG:DyLight®488 STAR88D488GA F IF 0.1 mg loader
List Price Your Price
Description Donkey anti Sheep/Goat IgG:DyLight®488
Donkey anti Sheep/Goat IgG:HRP STAR88P C E P WB 1 ml loader
List Price Your Price
Description Donkey anti Sheep/Goat IgG:HRP

References for Apolipoprotein A1 antibody

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Western Blotting

Entrez Gene
GO Terms
GO:0005886 plasma membrane
GO:0001540 beta-amyloid binding
GO:0002576 platelet degranulation
GO:0002740 negative regulation of cytokine secretion involved in immune response
GO:0005543 phospholipid binding
GO:0005788 endoplasmic reticulum lumen
GO:0030141 stored secretory granule
GO:0030139 endocytic vesicle
GO:0006656 phosphatidylcholine biosynthetic process
GO:0007186 G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
GO:0042802 identical protein binding
GO:0010873 positive regulation of cholesterol esterification
GO:0010903 negative regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodeling
GO:0015485 cholesterol binding
GO:0050821 protein stabilization
GO:0017127 cholesterol transporter activity
GO:0019899 enzyme binding
GO:0030168 platelet activation
GO:0032488 Cdc42 protein signal transduction
GO:0033344 cholesterol efflux
GO:0033700 phospholipid efflux
GO:0034191 apolipoprotein A-I receptor binding
GO:0034361 very-low-density lipoprotein particle
GO:0034366 spherical high-density lipoprotein particle
GO:0034375 high-density lipoprotein particle remodeling
GO:0034380 high-density lipoprotein particle assembly
GO:0034384 high-density lipoprotein particle clearance
GO:0042632 cholesterol homeostasis
GO:0043691 reverse cholesterol transport
GO:0050713 negative regulation of interleukin-1 beta secretion
GO:0051345 positive regulation of hydrolase activity
GO:0060228 phosphatidylcholine-sterol O-acyltransferase activator activity
GO:0070508 cholesterol import
GO:0070653 high-density lipoprotein particle receptor binding
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