New Educational Reference Posters for Neuroscience

Mar 17, 2009

AbD Serotec, a Division of MorphoSys, is dedicated to providing high-quality reagents and technical expertise to scientists researching all aspects of neuroscience, including axonal guidance, neural development and demyelination disorders. To support these three key focus areas, AbD Serotec has produced a new series of complimentary reference posters.

The study of axonal guidance and growth is a specialist discipline in developmental biology. Correct wiring of the nervous system depends on the ability of axons to be guided by repulsive and attractive cues to their correct destination. To assist researchers in their quest to decipher the mechanisms of axonal guidance, AbD Serotec provides key investigative tools including a unique antibody to 2G13P localized on growth cones, plus antibodies to Ephrins, Vimentin and other key targets.

Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) and glial cells are also important in the development of the nervous system. Cell fate mapping is a relatively new area and there are a number of significant specificities such as GFAP, Myelin Basic Protein and CD11b for identifying the numerous types of cells across the glial cell lineage.

In addition, AbD Serotec specializes in markers for oligodendrocytes, a type of glial cell found in the central nervous system responsible for myelination. Specificities include phosphorylated Myelin Basic Protein and Galactocerebroside. Damage to oligodendrocytes can be a consequence of demyelination disorders such as multiple sclerosis. These neuroscience posters are educational and serve as great research aids by listing all the antibody markers available for each of the three focus areas described above. They may be downloaded from the website at or may be requested from Victoria Warltier, Market Segment Manager, Tel: +44 1865 852 768; Email:

About MorphoSys’ AbD Serotec:

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