e2v to Establish Next Generation Biosensor System Using AbD Serotec-generated HuCAL Antibodies

Sep 23, 2008

AbD Serotec, the division for research and diagnostic antibodies of MorphoSys AG, and its customer e2v biosensors, a subsidiary of e2v technologies plc, today launched a research program to establish e2v’s proprietary biosensor system Visucare™, a novel detection technology for biomarkers using a single-antibody immunoassay. The Visucare™ system will be used for protein quantification in point of care and near patient testing.

e2v biosensors and AbD Serotec began an initial project in September 2006, bringing together e2v’s novel platform technology and AbD’s leading recombinant antibody technology HuCAL. AbD Serotec has since generated a series of specifically designed recombinant antibodies suitable for e2v to perform feasibility studies showing proof-of-concept of the Visucare™ approach.

Lying at the heart of the e2v technology is Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (SERRS), an electromagnetic surface sensitive technique which provides for the detection of single molecules binding to a silver surface. The key biomolecular construct of Visucare™ comprises three main components: A HuCAL-based antibody, a reporter SERRS dye linked to peptide and a silver surface supporting the electromagnetic field. The HuCAL based antibody is immobilized on a silver surface. The SERRS dye peptide is bound to the HuCAL antibody and thus held outside the electromagnetic field. In the presence of a protein biomarker the SERRS dye peptide is displaced allowing it to bind directly to the silver surface within the electromagnetic field and ultimately giving rise to the SERRS signal.

Unlike existing technologies, Visucare™ does not need an antibody pair to detect the respective biomarker. Instead it uses a single antibody in a displacement format and thus does not require any washing or incubation steps enabling a simple to use system with results in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, the system allows the monitoring of biomarkers inaccessible to other systems and at very low levels of detection. e2v biosensors has secured substantial intellectual property through 2 issued and a further 11 pending patent families.

Dr. Paul Rodgers, CEO of e2v biosensors commented, “The Visucare™ system offers several unique advantages over other systems available for biomarker point of care analysis, with its multiplex capability, high sensitivity and high specificity. We are currently developing a cardiac point of care panel as well as other unique biomarker applications. AbD Serotec’s ability to provide highly selective recombinant antibodies capable of binding both protein and derived peptides and genetically engineered to display surface binding activity has been crucial for establishing the system.” Adding “we are now looking for a strategic partner to fully exploit the commercial potential of the Visucare™ approach in a broad range of point of care and pathology applications.”

Dr. Achim Knappik, Head of R&D at AbD Serotec commented, “Today’s news further exemplifies the unique flexibility of our HuCAL antibody platform and the broad range of potential applications which we can target. e2v’s approach to establish a novel type of point of care system is highly innovative and very interesting both scientifically and commercially. We are delighted to provide e2v with our HuCAL GOLD technology as the source of a key biomolecular construct for the e2v biosensor system to explore their efforts in this space.”

About AbD Serotec:
AbD Serotec is the research antibody division of MorphoSys, one of the world’s leading human antibody technology companies with sales offices in Germany (Munich), the U.S. (Raleigh, NC), the U.K. (Oxford) and France. AbD Serotec’s comprehensive product catalog comprises more than 10,000 research antibodies and immunology reagents guaranteed to perform to specification, with the majority in stock for next-day shipping. Custom monoclonal antibodies for research applications can be generated in just 8 weeks using fully recombinant HuCAL technology from MorphoSys. Additionally, AbD Serotec offers ISO-certified large-scale antibody production and a range of customized services including antibody conjugations for end-users and OEM customers. A comprehensive metasearch of the entire AbD Serotec range of ready-made antibodies can be performed at www.ab-direct.com.

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