7 Diagnostic HuCAL Abs Licensed to Proteomika

May 20, 2011

AbD Serotec Licenses Seven Diagnostic HuCAL Antibodies to Proteomika to Monitor Biologics Therapies

First HuCAL-based Diagnostic Kits to Enter Market

MorphoSys AG (FSE: MOR; Prime Standard Segment, TecDAX) today announced that Proteomika S.L., subsidiary of Progenika Group, a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in biomarker discovery, has signed a commercial license agreement for seven diagnostic HuCAL-antibodies from MorphoSys’s AbD Serotec Division. To generate these antibodies AbD Serotec applied MorphoSys’s HuCAL GOLD and HuCAL PLATINUM antibody technologies. Proteomika will implement these antibodies in their PROMONITOR® kits. AbD Serotec will receive royalties on products sales. Further financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

PROMONITOR® is a diagnostic test that accurately determines the circulating levels of different drugs and the immune response triggered in the patient by the treatment. PROMONITOR® assures these parameters are measured extremely accurately thus allowing for better clinical management of patients and rational and cost-effective use of biological therapies. Proteomika currently offers products and services for monitoring patients treated with different anti-TNF and anti-CD20 drugs, and is developing similar tests for other biologicals. Proteomika plans to launch HuCAL antibody containing PROMONITOR® kits for use in routine clinical monitoring of biological therapies in the second quarter of 2011.

“Administration of biologic drugs should always be performed in parallel with the close monitoring of the patient response to the drug in order to evaluate the efficacy of treatment and if necessary to adjust dosage or switch therapy,” commented Dr. Daniel Nagore, CSO of Proteomika. “The use of PROMONITOR® allows individualized optimization of treatment regimes, thereby increasing the clinical benefit to patients and avoiding the waste of time, money and opportunity spent on ineffective treatments.”

“Diagnostic tools play an increasingly important role in the development of new drugs and in many therapy decisions,” commented Dieter Feger, Head of AbD Serotec. “AbD Serotec is ideally positioned at the nexus of these areas as our antibody platform has the potential to deliver clearly differentiated diagnostic products. We believe that the MorphoSys HuCAL antibody platform can have as big an impact here as it is having in the therapeutic market.”

About MorphoSys:

MorphoSys is an independent biotechnology company that develops novel antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic and research applications. The Company’s HuCAL technology is one of the most powerful methods available for generating fully human antibodies. By successfully applying this and other proprietary technologies, MorphoSys has become a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies, one of the fastest-growing drug classes in human health-care. Through its alliances with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, MorphoSys has created a pipeline of more than 60 drug candidates. The Company is expanding its drug pipeline by adding new partnered programs, and by building a portfolio of fully-owned therapeutic antibodies. For its proprietary portfolio, the Company is focused on the areas of oncology and inflammation. Its most advanced program MOR103, a first-in-class, fully human antibody against GM-CSF, is currently being tested in a Phase Ib/IIa trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Via its business unit AbD Serotec, MorphoSys is expanding the reach of its technologies in the diagnostics and research markets. MorphoSys is headquartered in Munich, Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “MOR”. For further information, visit www.morphosys.com

HuCAL®, HuCAL GOLD®, HuCAL PLATINUM®, CysDisplay® and RapMAT® are registered trademarks of MorphoSys; arYlaTM is a trademark of MorphoSys.

About Proteomika:

With the ever-expanding number of genome sequences available to researchers the challenge ahead lies in deciphering the wealth of information emerging from genomics programs in order to deliver new tools and products for the 21st century. Proteomics is at the leading edge of this endeavor - providing the means to investigate directly the changes in protein expression and modification that underlie all cellular processes - and constitutes the essential link between transcriptome and metabolome. Together with Progenika, Proteomika seeks to establish a leading position within the European Research Area in the field of post-genomics through innovation and excellence. For further information please visit www.proteomika.com

This communication contains certain forward-looking statements concerning the MorphoSys group of companies. The forward-looking statements contained herein represent the judgment of MorphoSys as of the date of this release and involve risks and uncertainties. Should actual conditions differ from the Company’s assumptions, actual results and actions may differ from those anticipated. MorphoSys does not intend to update any of these forward-looking statements as far as the wording of the relevant press release is concerned.

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