FOXP1 antibody | RM402

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Rabbit anti FOXP1

Product Type
Monoclonal Antibody
Product Code Applications Pack Size List Price Quantity
0.1 ml loader

Rabbit anti Foxp1 antibody recognizes forkhead box protein P1, also known as Mac-1-regulated forkhead and MFH.

FOXP1 is a transcriptional repressor belongs to a family of widely-expressed winged-helix transcription factors involved with cell cycle progression, differentiation, and apoptosis (Sheng et al. 2018). It is also involved with embryonic stem cell pluripotency, development of T and B cells, and proliferation of cardiomyocytes, among other functions (Li et al. 2017). Haploinsufficiency in the FOXP1 gene leads to FOXP1 syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by global developmental delay, intellectual disability, and other features (Siper et al. 2017). FOXP1 has been reported to function as a tumor suppressor or an oncogene in different cancers, depending on cellular context. In B cell lymphoma, for example, FOXP1 behaves as an oncogene and correlates with worse outcome. In lung cancer, loss of FOXP1 is associated with worse outcome (Choi et al. 2015).

Product Details

Target Species
Species Cross-Reactivity
Target SpeciesCross Reactivity
Mouse Expected from Sequence
Rat Expected from Sequence
N.B. Antibody reactivity and working conditions may vary between species.
Product Form
Purified IgG - liquid
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein A from animal origin-free culture supernatant
Buffer Solution
Phosphate buffered saline
Preservative Stabilisers
0.09% Sodium Azide
1% Bovine Serum Albumin
50% Glycerol
A peptide corresponding to residues near the C-terminus of human Foxp1. This antibody may also react to mouse or rat Foxp1, as predicted by immunogen homology.

Storage Information

Store at -20°C only.
Storage in frost-free freezers is not recommended.
This product should be stored undiluted. Should this product contain a precipitate we recommend microcentrifugation before use.
12 months from date of despatch

More Information

Entrez Gene
GO Terms
GO:0002053 positive regulation of mesenchymal cell proliferation
GO:0002329 pre-B cell differentiation
GO:0002639 positive regulation of immunoglobulin production
GO:0003682 chromatin binding
GO:0003690 double-stranded DNA binding
GO:0003704 specific RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity
GO:0003705 sequence-specific enhancer binding RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity
GO:0005737 cytoplasm
GO:0005667 transcription factor complex
GO:0009790 embryo development
GO:0007389 pattern specification process
GO:0007519 skeletal muscle tissue development
GO:0008134 transcription factor binding
GO:0008270 zinc ion binding
GO:0008301 DNA bending activity
GO:0010553 negative regulation of gene-specific transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0010843 promoter binding
GO:0016563 transcription activator activity
GO:0016566 specific transcriptional repressor activity
GO:0033152 immunoglobulin V(D)J recombination
GO:0042803 protein homodimerization activity
GO:0046982 protein heterodimerization activity
GO:0048745 smooth muscle tissue development
GO:0051090 regulation of transcription factor activity
GO:0055007 cardiac muscle cell differentiation
GO:0060501 positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation involved in lung morphogenesis
For research purposes only

Applications of FOXP1 antibody

This product has been reported to work in the following applications. This information is derived from testing within our laboratories, peer-reviewed publications or personal communications from the originators. Please refer to references indicated for further information. For general protocol recommendations, please visit the antibody protocols page.
Application Name Verified Min Dilution Max Dilution
Immunohistology - Paraffin 1/100 1/200
Western Blotting 1/1000 1/2000
Where this product has not been tested for use in a particular technique this does not necessarily exclude its use in such procedures. Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own system using appropriate negative/positive controls.

Secondary Antibodies Available

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