For research studies involving proteins or nucleic acids, it is often necessary to remove small molecular weight substances or preservatives from samples. In addition, you may also need to exchange the buffer solutions of the protein samples for downstream applications such as electrophoresis or affinity chromatography.

Dialysis is a separation technique that is used for such purposes. The process works by diffusion, as unwanted molecules inside a sample chamber diffuse through a semi-permeable membrane into a second chamber of liquid or dialysate. Large molecules unable to pass through the membrane pores remain in the sample chamber.

Bio-Rad offers a Slide-A-Lyzer® Dialysis Cassette that allows convenient sample dialysis for volumes from 0.5–3 ml. The cassette facilitates removal of low molecular weight contaminants, buffer exchange, desalting, and concentration with a molecular weight cut off of 10 kDa. It is designed to ensure that no sample is lost from the cassette during analysis.

Additionally, it is manufactured under clean room conditions to ensure that the unit is free of contaminants. The cassette also features a hermetically sealed chamber to ensure high sample integrity.

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