CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 | F8-11-13 / UCHL1 / UCHT1 / RPA-T4

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Human peripheral blood lymphocytes stained with Multi-Colour Human CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 flow kit (4C002)

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  • Four-Color Human CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 Flow Kit
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    Four Color Reagent
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    F8-11-13 / UCHL1 / UCHT1 / RPA-T4
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    4C002Fdatasheet pdfdatasheet pdf50 Tests/0.5ml
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    • Four-Color Human CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 Flow Kit can be used for single-step identification of human helper/inducer naïve (CD3+CD4+CD45RA+) and helper/inducer memory (CD3+CD4+CD45RO+) T-cell subsets.

      CD3 is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, which acts as a mediator of signal transduction, through association with the α/β or γ/δ T-cell receptor (TCR). Mammalian CD3 is a multimeric protein composed of four distinct polypeptide chains (ε, γ, δ, ζ), consisting of two heterodimers (εγ, εδ) and one homodimer (ζζ). CD3 is expressed by a high-percentage of circulating peripheral T-cells and is considered a pan T-cell marker. Clone UCHT1 specifically recognizes the ~20 kDa CD3ε chain.

      CD4 is a single chain transmembrane glycoprotein and member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, which interacts directly with class II molecules of the major histocompatibility complex (MHCII), and is the primary receptor for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). CD4 is expressed by the helper/inducer (CD3+CD4+) T-cell subset, the majority of thymocytes, and at low levels by monocytes and tissue macrophages. The CD4 lymphocyte count provides an excellent indication of immune system health. Clone RPA-T4 binds to the D1 domain (CDR1 and CDR3 epitopes) of the CD4 antigen.

      CD45RA is an isoform of CD45, a member of the protein tyrosine phosphatase family, otherwise known as leucocyte common antigen (LCA), which acts as a positive regulator of T-cell co-activation, and is essential for the activation of T-cells through the antigen receptor. CD45RA is expressed by naïve T-cells, but not by activated and memory T-cells. Consequently, clone F8-11-13 can be used to distinguish between these cell populations.

      CD45RO is the low molecular weight isoform (~180 kDa) of CD45, the leucocyte common antigen (LCA). CD45RO is expressed by approximately 40% of resting peripheral blood T-cells, the majority of activated and memory T-cells and most thymocytes. It is also expressed on macrophages, monocytes and granulocytes. In combination with clone F8-11-13, clone UCHL1 can be used to discern naïve and memory T-cells.
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      Flow CytometryNeat

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      Use 10ul of the suggested working dilution to label 1x106 cells in 100ul.
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    Additional CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 Formats

    Formats Clone Applications Sizes available
    CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 : 4 Color F8-11-13 / UCHL1 / UCHT1 / RPA-T4 F 50 Tests/0.5ml
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          Flow Cytometry Absolute Count Standard™FCSC58020 TestsF
          Erythrolyse Red Blood Cell Lysing Buffer (10x)BUF04B100 Test/20mlF
          Human SeroblockBUF070B200 TestF
          Human SeroblockBUF070A50 TestF
          Erythrolyse Red Blood Cell Lysing Buffer (10x)BUF04C500 Tests/100mlF

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