Antibody Generation

Project Solutions and Services

Every HuCAL antibody generation project begins with a customised plan. If you have a clear picture of your antigen or antibody generation project needs please complete the HuCAL Project Outline Form and we will determine a suitable HuCAL generation plan for you.

If you prefer to discuss  your project concept with us by phone or e-mail,  or just ask a question, please  use the Contact Me button. Type in your question or needs and provide your contact details and we will respond. 

For information about the types of  antibody generation projects  and custom services we can assist you with, are listed below:

Antibody Production

Once the initial antibody candidates have been evaluated at your facility, larger scale production and purification is carried out to provide the antibody quantities required for your applications. We can also conjugate the HuCAL antibodies to alkaline phosphatase, biotin, HRP or fluorescent dyes depending upon the chosen detection method.

Antibody Generation, Selection and Screening

HuCAL Flow Chart

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A typical HuCAL antibody generation project includes 3 rounds of antibody selection (“panning”) on the immobilized antigen. This is followed by cloning of the enriched Fab antibody pools into an expression vector that determines the precise format and epitope tags present on the HuCAL antibody.

The monoclonal antibody candidates plus suitable controls are then screened by ELISA against the antigen and, if applicable, against other molecules the antibody should or should not recognize. Typically 20 clones with the desired reactivity are then sequenced to confirm the number of unique antibodies. The resulting unique antibodies are purified and shipped to you.

Learn more about the HuCAL® antibody generation process.

Antibody Selection Based on Binding Strength

Being able to select antibodies based on their binding strength makes your assay optimization easier, saves time and ultimately improves the outcome of your assay. Read more about how the HuCAL technology enables antibody selection based upon binding  strength.

Antigen Production

Selecting the best antigen or antigen generation option to meet your project goals is essential to effective antibody generation. Protein antigens are the antigen of choice. This can be provided by you or it can be produced as part of your antibody generation project.

Our antigen generation services include the following options. We offer in-house antigen generation services as well as access to trusted external partners for a full range of facilities:

Characterization Services

In addition to our ELISA quality control testing, we also offer optional characterization services. The following platforms and technologies can be used for HuCAL antibody characterization at Bio-Rad:

  • ELISA assays - sandwich, inhibition, etc.
  • A range of immunoassay platforms is available
  • Affinity measurement using label-free technology
  • Western blotting
  • Flow cytometry analysis with the Beckman Coulter CyAn® ADP7 Color Analyzer 

Project Design

The first step in every HuCAL antibody generation project is the collection of details relating to your desired antibody requirements.

This important part of the project can be accomplished via telephone, face-to-face meeting or through the completion of the online HuCAL Project Outline Form. Another essential step in every project is choosing the best antibody format for your application. HuCAL antibodies are initially produced any of the Fab formats shown below, each containing a choice of 2 epitope tags including popular options such as V5, His-6, and Strep-tag®.

View  a complete list of HuCAL antibody formats, including molecular weights and epitope tag sequences. Bio-Rad also offers a wide range of epitope tag secondary antibodies, available purified or conjugated to enzymes and fluorescent labels.

As some applications require full-length immunoglobulins, we also offer the option of converting your Fab to a full length immunoglobulin. Visit HuCAL Immunoglobulins for more information including the range of fully human immunoglobulin isotypes available.