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Engineering recombinant inhibitory antibodies as research tools for West Nile Virus therapy
Nov 18, 2016
Researchers at the Sanford-Burnham Institute for Medical Research partnered with scientists at Bio-Rad to engineer high affinity, highly specific inhibitor antibodies to the active site region of a WNV proteinase.
The 2016 Nobel Prize winning cellular mechanism, autophagy, and neurodegeneration
Annalise Barnette
Nov 11, 2016
Recently, interest in the role of the 2016 Nobel Prize winning cellular mechanism, autophagy, in neurodegeneration has increased significantly. This blog post highlights autophagy as a therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration.
Killer bugs among us — the kissing bug and the Asian giant hornet
Annalise Barnette
Nov 07, 2016
While insects are not necessarily the deadliest animals among us, they can significantly impact human health and existence. Learn about the killer bug and Asian giant hornet.
The road to antibody validation standards
Oct 31, 2016
In this blog post we highlight some the current potholes on the road to reproducible antibodies as discussed at the most recent antibody validation meetings at the ASILOMAR grounds, CA USA and the University of Bath, UK.
The latest biomedical research published in September
Oct 07, 2016
In this edition of our monthly science round-up, we feature interesting discoveries aimed at improving the treatment of diseases such as obesity, Dengue fever and cancer.
Applying best practices for characterizing critical reagents
Sep 06, 2016
This blog post defines critical reagents and best practices for their characterization. How Bio-Rad applies these industry specified best practices is also discussed.
August Science Round up- Top Recent Research Findings
Aug 26, 2016
Our round up includes exciting discovery news around novel mechanisms for cancer metastasis, Alzheimer's disease treatment and alternative breast cancer research.
July Science Round up- Top Recent Research Findings
Aug 01, 2016
This month’s science round up features exciting new research findings that could lead to the development of therapeutics for treating Huntington’s disease, melanoma and Ebola. You will also not want to miss our immunology section highlighting the discovery of a new immune cell type.