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“Claiming the lion’s share of the [veterinary] market we see AbD Serotec”

Shehnaz Ahmad
May 01, 2015

Here at Bio-Rad, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of high quality antibodies; when CiteAb not only gave us recognition for being the leading supplier of veterinary antibodies but also say that we are "...trusted by veterinary researchers" gives us great satisfaction. To top that off, within the veterinary antibody market we also supply the highest cited antibody; Rat anti Dog CD4:FITC antibody.

We would like to thank everyone who has used our antibodies and hope you would be happy to leave a product review on our product pages to share your experience of working with our veterinary antibodies. 

Through a combination of in-house product development and collaboration with global leaders in veterinary research AbD Serotec enables scientists to investigate the inner workings of the immune system. We test for cross-reactivity between species where possible, and welcome customer cross-reactivity and application data for our antibodies.

Our wide selection of veterinary antibodies supports research improving the health of cows, dogs, pigs, sheep, and a many other target species.

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