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Blog Year in Review: The Top 10 posts of 2015

Dec 23, 2015

This year has been quite an exciting journey for the blog. We launched in April, and since then we have published 34 articles on a variety of topics including science in our everyday world, commentary in the antibody field, and of course tips and tricks to help you excel in the lab. As the year comes to a close, we take a look back at the top 10 blog posts. Feel free to dive in again and also let us know in a comment below or on our social media sites which one was your favorite. If your favorite post this year didn't make the top 10 let us know as well. 

Before we say goodbye until next year, we want to THANK YOU for reading, sharing and liking! We have a lot more interesting science articles and tips and tricks headed your way next year so, until then, Happy Holidays and see you in 2016! 


To control or not to control, that is the multi-color flow question…

This post describes what an isotype control is and how one could be beneficial in your multi-color flow cytometry experiments. It also describes why some scientists believe they are unnecessary.


IHC Tip1: Antigen retrieval – should I do PIER or HIER

This post provides information on when antigen/epitope retrieval is beneficial and what method best suits your specific protein.


Natural phosphatase inhibitors: the danger around us

Phosphatase inhibitors seem to be all around us, lingering in various places ready to elicit harm. This post describes how natural phosphatase inhibitors impact on human health.


Halloween Mystery Immune System Party

Guess the immune cell game. Can you tell the true identity of our ghoulish Halloween characters? We have a selection of cells which have decided to dress up this Halloween, but who are these cells really...they have left some clues to help you discover.


Antibody Heroes Assemble: Age of brain games

Our antibody heroes have arrived and they are looking to recruit new talent. Return to this page each day and see if you can decipher our cryptic codes.


Inheriting mutant tumor suppressor genes increases your risk for cancer

This post describes how mutations in proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes account for tumorigenesis. It also elucidates how the discovery of new cancer genes is changing cancer diagnostics.


IHC Tip 4: Which counterstains are most compatible with my antibody staining?

This post provides information about when and how to use chromogenic and fluorescent counterstains.


IHC Tip 3: How to select the best chromogen substrate combination for your IHC experiment

This post describes how to select the optimal chromogen/substrate combination and provides information about the precipitate color the respective combinations produce.


IHC Tip 2: What controls should I include in my IHC experiment?

This post describes what type of controls to include in your immunohistochemistry experiment. It also highlights why controls are needed and which ones are best suited for your experimental set-up.


“Claiming the lion’s share of the [veterinary] market we see AbD Serotec”

CiteAb give us recognition on being the leading antibody supplier of veterinary antibodies. But what product gives us the highest cited antibody within the veterinary market?

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