Each week Bio-Rad will be showcasing an ‘Antibody of the Week’ on our social media channels. Discover noteworthy antibodies from our catalog including our best-sellers, antibodies highly cited in scientific research and novel research tools. Learn more about what makes these antibodies special and how they can help you achieve more.


Week 1: July 2, 2018
Being present on microglia makes F4/80 a perfect marker for neurology and immunology research so it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice, with over 500 citations. 

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STAT1 pSer727

Week 2: July 9, 2018
Our Rabbit Anti-STAT1 (pSer727) Antibody is precise enough to determine STAT1 phosphorylation on Ser727 and can help give you confidence in your results.

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Week 3: July 16, 2018
The presence of C4d is a footprint of complement activation and an ideal marker for transplant rejection. Our Mouse Anti-Human C4d, clone 10-11 has many publications.

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Week 4: July 23, 2018
UPF1 is important for the initiation of nonsense mediated decay. Extensively validated for western blotting, our Mouse Anti-UPF1 Antibody enables you to detect with precision.

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AKT1 pser473

Week 5: July 30, 2018
Phosphorylation of AKT1 on Ser473 contributes to AKT1 activation. Detect this post-translational modification with our Rabbit Anti-AKT1 (pSer473) Antibody.

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Week 6: August 6, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone Bu20A, has been referenced in 12 publications. Supported by protocols, this is an excellent antibody to add to your toolkit. 

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RAF-1 (pSer259)

Week 7: August 13, 2018
Our Rabbit Anti-RAF-1 (pSer259) Antibody is perfect for when you are trying to detect phosphorylation on this residue and membrane association.

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