Each week Bio-Rad will be showcasing an ‘Antibody of the Week’ on our social media channels. Discover noteworthy antibodies from our catalog including our best-sellers, antibodies highly cited in scientific research and novel research tools. Learn more about what makes these antibodies special and how they can help you achieve more.


Week 161: July 26, 2021
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Rat CD11b Antibody, clone OX-42 is suitable for use in a range of applications including immunofluorescence and flow cytometry. 


Week 160: July 19, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD184 Antibody, clone 12G5 recognizes CD184, also known as CXCR4, an HIV co-receptor. It is ideal for use in flow cytometry assays. 


Week 159: July 12, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human Proliferation Associated Protein 2G4 Antibody has been has been extensively validated for western blotting.


Week 158: July 5, 2021
Detect human clusterin, also known as apolipoprotein J or TRPM-2, with our Rabbit Anti-Human Clusterin Antibody. It is ideal for immunohistology and western blotting.


Week 157: June 28, 2021
Our popular Rat Anti-Mouse CD8α Antibody, clone KT15 is highly cited, with >20 citations, and is now available in our new StarBright Dye formats, including SBV670.


Week 156: June 21, 2021
Our Goat Anti Human IgD:FITC Antibody is part of our secondary antibody range and it has been cross-adsorbed against human IgM, IgA and IgG.


Week 155: June 14, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human TMEM173 Antibody is part of our PrecisionAb range. It has been KO validated for use in western blotting and recognizes TMEM173, AKA STING.


Week 154: June 7, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human Complement C3 Antibody, clone AB03/3G11 has been validated for suitability in western blotting and is part of our PrecisionAb range.


Week 153: May 31, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human iC3b (neoantigen) Antibody, clone 013III-1.16 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including, ELISA and western blotting.


Week 152: May 24, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD10 Antibody, clone SN5c. It is available in a wide variety of formats including Amethyst Orange and our StarBright Dyes.


Week 151: May 17, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD62L Antibody, clone FMC46 has been cited in 15 publications and is now available in our new StarBright Violet 570 Dye format.


Week 150: May 10, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human von Willebrand Factor (vWF) Antibody, clone RFF-VIII R/2 ecognizes human von Willebrand factor and is a potent inhibitor of vWF activity.


Week 149: May 3, 2021
Calponin 1,also known as CCN1, can help distinguish benign from invasive breast carcinomas detect it with our Rabbit Anti-Human Calponin 1 Antibody, clone RM262.


Week 148: April 26, 2021
Detect coronavirus spike protein, also known as S glycoprotein, in a variety of applications with our Rabbit Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Antibody.


Week 147: April 19, 2021
Our Anti-Actin hFAB Rhodamine Antibody is part of our hFAB Rhodamine Housekeeping Protein Fluorescent Primary Antibodies range.


Week 146: April 12, 2021
Our Rabbit Anti-SMPD1 Antibody recognizes sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase. Defects in this protein are associated with Niemann Pick Disease.


Week 145: April 5, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Pig CD205 Antibody, clone ZH9F7 was developed to detect porcine monocytes and dendritic cells in flow cytometry and is an ideal addition to flow panels.


Week 144: March 23, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CCAR2 Antibody, clone D02/1C5-4 has been validated by siRNA knockdown and is suitable for western blotting. It is part of our PrecisionAb range.


Week 143: March 22, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human PCNA Antibody, clone PC10 has undergone extensive testing and KO validation for performance in western blotting.


Week 142: March 15, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human GPI Antibody, clone CPTC3 is part of our PrecisionAb range and has been extensively validated for western blotting using whole cell lysates.


Week 141: March 08, 2021
Our Rabbit Anti-Human Ku70 Antibody detects human Ku70, also known as XRCC6, a protein involved in the repair of dsDNA breaks and is ideal for use in immunohistology.


Week 140: March 01, 2021
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD3 Antibody, clone KT3 recognizes the mouse CD3 antigen expressed by mature T cells and has been cited in <20 publications.


Week 139: February 22, 2021
Detect human defensin beta-2, an important component of the innate immune response against microbial infections with our Human Anti-Defensin Beta 2 Antibody.


Week 138: February 15, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD2 Antibody, clone LT2 is available in a range of formats, including our new StarBright Dyes and is suitable for use in a range of applications.


Week 137: February 8, 2021
Our highly cited Rat Anti-Dog CD4 Antibody, clone YKIX302.9 has been cited in >40 publications and is suitable for use in flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry.


Week 136: February 1, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Porcine Interleukin-18 Antibody, clone 7-G-8 recognizes natural and recombinant porcine IL-18 in ELISA and western blotting applications.


Week 135: January 25, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD31 Monoclonal Antibody, clone WM59 is available in 11 formats including 4 new StarBright Dyes, and is ideal for flow cytometry.


Week 134: January 18, 2021
Increased intestinal levels of GLUT5 are seen in type 2 diabetes. Detect it with our Rabbit Anti-Human Glucose Transporter 5 (GLUT5) Antibody.


Week 133: January 11, 2021
Our Hamster Anti-Mouse CD27 Antibody, clone LG.3A10 recognizes mouse, rat, and human CD27. It is suitable for a range of applications including flow cytometry. 


Week 132: January 4, 2021
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD66b Antibody, clone 80H3 has been cited in >20 publications and is suitable for use in a range of applications including flow cytometry and western blotting.


Week 131: December 28, 2020
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD105 Antibody, clone SN6 has been referenced in >70 publications and is available in a range of different formats.


Week 130: December 21, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD21 Antibody, clone LB21 has been cited in >10 publications. It is an ideal addition to your immunology panels and available in several formats.


Week 129: December 14, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD3 Antibody, clone UCHT1 recognizes the human T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 epsilon chain. It has been cited in >30 publications. 


Week 128: December 7, 2020
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD117 Antibody, clone 2B8 recognizes mouse CD117,also known as c-kit receptor and makes an ideal addition to your immunology panels.


Week 127: November 30, 2020
Our Human-Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone AbD33758kd is a Precision Ab and has been tested for thymidine and other thymidine analogs and is suitable for flow cytometry.


Week 126: November 23, 2020
Analyze porcine Th, NK, and IET subsets with our Mouse Anti-Pig Antibody, clone B30C7. It has been cited in five publications and suitable for flow cytometry.


Week 125: November 16, 2020
This antibody has been cited in 7 publications. It has been reported that clone FIPV3 recognizes the SARS-Cov-2 core protein (Nardacci et al. 2020).


Week 124: November 9, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Rat RECA-1 Antibody, clone HIS52 recognizes RECA-1, a marker for rat endothelial cells. It has been referenced in >50 publications.

Mast Cell Tryptase

Week 123: November 2, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human Mast Cell Tryptase Antibody, clone AA1 is an excellent marker for mast cells and is highly cited, it has been referenced in 18 publications.


Week 122: October 26, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Human MyD88 Antibody recognizes MyD88, an adaptor molecule involved in the IL-1 signaling pathway and a general adaptor of the Toll/IL-R1 receptor family.


Week 121: October 19, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody recognizes GLUT4, an insulin regulated glucose transporter found in adipose tissue and striated muscle.


Week 120: October 12, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Mouse VEGF Antibody recognizes mouse Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, a protein active in angiogenesis, vasculogenesis and endothelial cell growth.


Week 119: October 5, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Human BMP-2 Antibody recognizes the disulphide-linked homodimeric cysteine knot protein known as human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 (BMP-2/BMP-2a).


Week 118: September 28, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD19 Antibody, clone LT19 has been cited in 15 publications and is now available in new formats including Amethyst Orange and Starbright Violet 515.


Week 117: September 21, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Human Interleukin-6 antibody is specific for human IL-6 (Interleukin-6), a 184 amino acid multifunctional pro-inflammatory cytokine.


Week 116: September 14, 2020
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD163 Antibody, clone EDHu-1 has been referenced in >88 publications and is suitable for a variety of applications including immunofluorescence.


Week 115: September 7, 2020
Detect cytotoxic T cells with our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD8 Antibody, clone LT8. It has been used in >15 publications and it is available in a range of different formats.


Week 114: August 31, 2020
CD52 is expressed by lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, thymocytes and macrophages. Detect it with our highly cited monoclonal antibody.   


Week 113: August 24, 2020
CD21 is expressed on the surface of canine B cells. Detect it with our highly cited Mouse Anti-Canine CD21 Antibody, clone CA2.1D6, cited in > 35 publications.


Week 112: August 17, 2020
Our Goat Anti-Human VEGF Antibody. VEGF is a is a potent stimulator of angiogenesis of both normal and cancerous cells, and acts as a regulator of vasculogenesis.


Week 111: August 10, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Myelin Proteolipid Protein (PLP) Antibody, clone plpc1, recognizes PLP in many mammalian species and is highly cited.


Week 110: August 3, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-PARP-1 Antibody, clone A6.4.12 recognizes poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP-1), a ~116 kDa nuclear enzyme, cleaved during apoptosis.  


Week 109: July 27, 2020
Our Rabbit Anti-Human C4d Antibody is specific for human complement split product C4d, a key marker of antibody-mediated cell injury and humoral rejection.


Week 108: July 20, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human Protein Gene Product 9.5 Antibody, clone 13C recognizes protein gene product 9.5. It can be used to stain neuronal cell bodies and axons in the CNS.


Week 107: July 13, 2020
Our Human Anti-Eculizumab Antibody is a recombinant, inhibitory anti-idiotypic antibody in a fully human IgG1 format for bioanalytical assays to measure eculizumab.


Week 106: July 6, 2020
Our Rat Anti-Mouse Ly-6B.2 Antibody, clone 7/4, recognizes the Ly-6B.2 antigen, expressed on neutrophils, inflammatory monocytes, and some activated macrophages.

Rituximab, MB2A4

Week 105: June 29, 2020
Our Rat Anti-Rituximab Antibody, clone MB2A4, recognizes the monoclonal antibody rituximab, which targets CD20 and is ideal for bioanalytical assays.

CD5 YKIX322.3

Week 104: June 22, 2020
Our Rat Anti-Dog CD5 Antibody, clone YKIX322.3, has been cited in >20 publications and is available in a range of formats to suit your experimental needs.


Week 103: June 15, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Bovine CD4 Antibody, clone CC8, recognizes bovine CD4, the homolog of human CD4 and is available in a variety of different formats.


Week 102: June 8, 2020
Detect calcitonin gene-related peptide, also known as CGRP, a neuropeptide that plays a role in in the pathophysiology of migraine with our highly cited Goat Anti-Rat CGRP Antibody.


Week 101: June 1, 2020
The C9orf72 gene is linked with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia. Our Mouse Anti-Human C9orf72 Antibody has been validated for western blotting.


Week 100: May 25, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Huntingtin Antibody, clone HDB4E10, can be used to detect huntingtin and smaller degradation products of huntingtin and has been cited in 7 publications.


Week 99: May 18, 2020
Detect UCH-L1, expressed in neurons and cells of the diffuse neuroendocrine system with our Mouse Anti-Human Protein Gene Product 9.5 monoclonal Antibody, clone BH7.


Week 98: May 11, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD115 Antibody, clone FER216, recognizes the human CD115 cell surface antigen, with the major site of expression being macrophages.


Week 97: May 04, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Pig CD45 Antibody, clone K252.1E4, recognizes an epitope common to all porcine CD45 isoforms.It has been cited in 35 publications.


Week 96: April 27, 2020
Our Human Anti-Mouse IgG1 Monoclonal Antibody, clone AbD24121, recognizes the IgG1 isotype of the primary antibody, and it is ideal for multiplexing.


Week 95: April 20, 2020
Our new Rat Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone RF06 recognizes bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) and is ideal for measuring cell proliferation in immunofluorescence assays.


Week 94: April 13, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD72 Antibody, clone Bu40 recognizes CD72, expressed on pre-B cells and B cells and has been cited in 6 publications.


Week 93: April 06, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD69 Antibody, clone FN50 recognizes CD69, expressed by B and T lymphocytes, natural killer cells, neutrophils, thymocytes, and platelets.


Week 92: March 30, 2020
Are you studying cell proliferation? Our new monoclonal Rat Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone RF04-2 recognizes BrdU and is ideal for use in flow cytometry.


Week 91: March 23, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD79a Antibody, clone HM57, is highly cited and has been used in >20 publications It is suitable for use in a range of applications, including immunohistology.


Week 90: March 16, 2020
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD9 Antibody, clone MM2/57, is suitable for use in a range of applications, including flow cytometry, and has >15 citations.

CPeptide I

Week 89: March 9, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Rat C Peptide I Antibody recognizes C peptide I and proinsulin. It was used in a recent publication by Pasquier et al. (2019). Nat Commun. 10 (1), 3312.



Week 88: March 2, 2020
In peripheral blood, our highly cited (>15 citations) Mouse Anti-Human CD45RO, clone UCHL1, stains 40-80% of lymphocytes and all monocytes and granulocytes.



Week 87: February 24, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD27 Antibody, clone LT27 recognizes the human T-cell activation antigen, CD27, that is expressed on activated T lymphocytes.


Trastuzumab AbD18141 Week 86: February 17, 2020
Our Human Anti-Trastuzumab Antibody, clone AbD18141, specifically recognizes trastuzumab and inhibits its binding to its target.


CD8 YCATE55.9 Week 85: February 10, 2020
Our Rat Anti-Dog CD8 Antibody, clone YCATE55.9 has been cited in 44 publications and has been shown to deplete circulating CD8+ T cells when administered to dogs in vivo.


CD4 RPA-t4 Week 84: February 3, 2020
Studying T cells? Our Mouse Anti-Human CD4 Antibody, clone RPA-T4, recognizes an epitope within domain 1 of the extracellular region of the CD4 molecule.


TGF Beta Week 83: January 27, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human TGF Beta Antibody, clone TB21 is highly cited. It has been cited in >25 publications and is suitable for use in a range of different applications.


CD42b Week 82: January 20, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD42b Antibody, clone AK2 is highly cited. This clone has been reported to block the binding of von Willebrand Factor to platelets.


CD81 Week 81: January 13, 2020
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD81 Antibody, clone 1D6 is a potent CD81 reagent, induces homotypic adhesion, and has powerful anti-proliferative effects.


TGN46 Week 80: January 06, 2020
Our Sheep Anti-Human TGN46 Antibody recognizes Trans-Golgi network integral membrane protein 2 (TGOLN2) also known as TGN46 and is highly cited with >30 citations.


CD45 Week 79: December 30, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD45 Antibody, clone F10-89-4 reacts with all forms of CD45 expressed by haematopoietic cells, except erythrocytes and is cited in 19 publications.


HLA Week 78: December 23, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human HLA ABC Antibody, clone W6/32 recognizes an antigenic determinant shared among products of the HLA A, B and C loci and is highly cited.


CD31 Week 77: December 16, 2019
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD31 Antibody, clone ER-MP12 is highly cited with >35 citations. It is suitable for use in a range of different applications including flow cytometry.


CD352, 3/11A Week 76: December 9, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD352, clone hSF6.4.20 recognizes CD352 (SLAMF6).CD352 is an immunoregulatory receptor with a roles in both innate and adaptive immune responses.


DAZL, 3/11A Week 75: December 2, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human DAZL Antibody, clone 3/11A has been cited in a recent paper by Chen M et al. (2019). Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 1-8.


CD32, AT10 Week 74: November 25, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD32 Antibody, clone AT10 has been has been used in many publications including Bruggeman et al.(2019). PLoS One 14 (10): e0223264.


CD8, CVS8 Week 73: November 18, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Horse CD8 Antibody, clone CVS8 has been cited in several publications including Carossino et al. 2019, PLoS Pathog. (2019) Jul 29;15(7):e100795.

CD11c, N418 Week 72: November 11, 2019
Studying dendritic cells? Bio-Rad has a highly-cited CD11c antibody that has been used in 25 publications: Hamster Anti-Mouse CD11c Antibody, clone N418.

CD138 Week 71: November 4, 2019
Detect Syndecan-1, also known as, CD138 using our highly-cited Mouse Anti-Human CD138 Antibody, clone B-A38. Suitable for use in a variety of applications.

CD23 Week 70: October 28, 2019
Identify activated B cells using our Mouse Anti-Human CD23 Antibody, clone 1B12 recognizes the human CD23 cell surface antigen, also known as FcƐRII.

EGFR pTyr1173 Week 69: October 21, 2019
Detect the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor when it is when phosphorylated at tyrosine1173 with our highly-specific Mouse Anti-EGF Receptor (pTyr1173) Antibody.

EGFR pTyr1148 Week 68: October 14, 2019
Studying Tyrosine Phosphorylation of EGF R? This week's Antibody Of The Week specifically detects EGF R when it is phosphorylated at Tyr1148

Collagen VII Week 67: October 7, 2019
Studying human skin? Bio-Rad has a Mouse Anti-Human Collagen VII Antibody, clone LH7.2 that is suitable for use in immunohistology and cited by researchers in 10 publications.

Pembrolizumab Week 66: September 30, 2019
Our Human Anti-Pembrolizumab Antibody, clone AbD30689 can be used to develop a PK bridging assay to measure free levels of pembrolizumab (Keytruda).

CD163 Week 65: September 23, 2019
Looking for a reliable marker of macrophages? Our Mouse Anti-Rat CD163 Antibody, clone ED2 has been cited in >35 publications and is suitable for use in a range of applications.

vinculin Week 64: September 16, 2019
Vinculin is a cytoskeletal protein that is enriched in focal ahesions and adherens junctions. Detect it with our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human Vinculin Antibody, clone V284.

Cd28 Week 63: September 9, 2019
Studying T cell activation? Our Rat Anti-Human CD28 Antibody, Clone YTH913.12 is a highly cited antibody and has been used by researchers in 15 publications.

Tubulin Alpha Week 62: September 2, 2019
Our highly cited Rat Anti-Tubulin Alpha Antibody, clone YL1/2 has been used by researchers in more than 45 publications and is suitable for use in a range of applications.


Week 61: August 26, 2019
Nestin is a popular marker of neural stem cells. Detect it by ELISA, immunohistology, or western blotting applications using our Rabbit Anti-Human Nestin Antibody.


Week 60: August 19, 2019
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD45R antibody, clone RA3-6B2 is a popular clone suitable for use in a variety of applications. It has been used by researchers in 25 publications.


Week 59: August 12, 2019
Detect CD11b with our Rat Anti-Mouse CD11b Antibody, clone M1/70.15. Used by researchers in >35 publications, it is suitable for use in a variety of different applications.


Week 58: August 5, 2019
Looking for a reliable marker of myeloid cells? Our Mouse Anti-Human CD13 Antibody, clone WM15 has been used in >15 publications including Chaturvedi et al. 2018.


Week 57: July 29, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD11c Antibody, clone Bu15 is a marker of myeloid cells and is a useful addition to myeloid cell panels to identify subsets by flow cytometry.


Week 56: July 22, 2019
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD81 Antibody, clone 1D6 is suitable for a variety of different applications and trusted by researchers to give publication quality results.


Week 55: July 15, 2019
Our Rat Anti-Human CD28 Antibody, clone YTH913.12 is a highly cited antibody that can be used to detect immune cells that express CD28, including neutrophils.


Week 54: July 8, 2019
Detect Nestin, a marker of multipotent neuroectodermal cells and is downregulated as the cells cease division and differentiate with our Rabbit Anti-Human Antibody.


Week 53: July 01, 2019
Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Pig CD14 Antibody, clone MIL2 demonstrates staining of both porcine monocytes and neutrophils in peripheral blood by flow cytometry.


Week 52: June 24, 2019
Our Human Anti-ErbB2 Antibody is a research grade biosimilar of the monoclonal antibody drug trastuzumab. Ideal for proof-of-concept PK and ADA assays.


Week 51: June 17, 2019
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD206 Antibody, clone MR5D3 is a good marker for mouse tissue macrophages and is highly cited having been used in more than 30 publications!

T Lymphocytes

Week 50: June 10, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Rabbit T lymphocytes Antibody, clone KEN-5 recognizes >90% thymocytes and it is highly cited and been used in >10 publications.

NFkB p65 (pSer468)

Week 49: June 3, 2019
Studying NFkB signaling? Our Rabbit Anti-NFkB p65 (pSer468) Antibody can detect the pSer468 post-translational modification by western blotting.


Week 48: May 27, 2019
Detect canine thymocytes and mature T lymphocytes by flow cytometry using our highly cited, Mouse Anti-Dog CD3 Antibody, clone CA17.2A12: FITC.


Week 47: May 20, 2019
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD45RA Antibody, clone F8-11-13 recognizes the human CD45RA cell surface antigen, expressed by B lymphocytes and a subset of T lymphocytes.


Week 46: May 13, 2019
Human Anti-Adalimumab Antibody, clone AbD18654, is a high affinity anti-idiotypic antibody that specifically recognizes adalimumab.


Week 45: May 6, 2019
Our highly cited Rat Anti-MBP Antibody, clone 12 has been used in more than 30 publications, including a recent publication in Nature: Vrselja et al. (2019).


Week 44: April 29, 2019
Detect CD20, a lineage restricted molecule expressed on B cells prior to terminal differentiation to plasma cells, with our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD20 Antibody.


Week 43: April 22, 2019
CD3ε is expressed on T cells, NK-T cells, and at different levels on thymocytes during T cell differentiation. Detect it using our Hamster Anti-Mouse CD3ε Antibody.


Week 42: April 15, 2019
CD4 is primarily expressed on T helper cells, peripheral blood monocytes, and tissue macrophages. Detect CD4 with our highly cited Rat Anti-Mouse CD4 Antibody, clone GK1.5.


Week 41: April 8, 2019
CD25 is expressed by activated B and T lymphocytes as well as in some thymocytes and oligodendrocytes. Detect it with our Mouse Anti-Human, CD25 Antibody, clone MEM-181.


Week 40: April 1, 2019
MMP-2, also called gelatinase, has an important role in normal tissue turnover in the heart. Detect it by western blotting or immunohistology with our Rabbit Anti-MMP2 Antibody.


Week 39: March 25, 2019
GOT1 plays an important role in amino acid and supports long-term cell proliferation in KRAS mutated cancers. Detect GOT1 with our Rabbit Anti-GOT-1 Antibody.


Week 38: March 18, 2019
APOBEC family members inhibit retroviruses by deamination of cytosine in nascent retroviral DNA. Detect APOBEC3B with our Rabbit Anti-APOBEC3B Antibody.


Week 37: March 11, 2019
Our Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Antibody (STAR117) recognizes mouse IgG and light chains common to other mouse Ig classes. Available in a variety of formats.


Week 36: March 4, 2019
Our Human Anti-Cetuximab Antibody, clone AbD19834_IgG1 can be used in bioanalytical assays to measure the levels of cetuximab (Erbitux).


Week 35: February 25, 2019
Studying inflammatory responses? Detect NFkB p65 when it has been phosphorylated on Ser276 with our Rabbit Anti-NFkB p65 (pSer276) Antibody.


Week 34: February 18, 2019
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD19 Antibody, clone 6D5 is suitable for use in flow cytometry, immunohistology, and immunoprecipitation. It has been cited in 15 publications.


Week 33: February 11, 2019
Are you studying cytotoxic T cells? Detect CD8α with our highly cited Rat Anti Mouse CD8α Antibody, clone KT15 that is suitable for use in a range of applications.


Week 32: February 4, 2019
The Gr-1 antigen is a marker of myeloid differentiation. Why not use our highly cited antibody that has been cited in more than 20 publications to detect it?


Week 31: January 28, 2019
Studying B and T cell differentiation and activation? CD38 is expressed by plasma cells, monocytes, early lymphoid cells, and activated T cells.


Week 30: January 21, 2019
Detect human/humanized drugs in non-human primates. Our Human Anti-Human IgG1 Fc Antibody, clone AbD27686 has a very low affinity to cyno and rhesus IgG1.


Week 29: January 14, 2019
Detect CD14 of human origin using our highly cited monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human CD14 Antibody, clone TÜK4. Trusted by scientists and used in more than 25 publications.


Week 28: January 7, 2019
Our highly cited Rat Anti-Mouse MARCO antibody, clone ED31 recognizes MARCO, which is expressed by distinct populations of macrophages in the spleen and lymph node.


Week 27: December 31, 2018
Need to detect inhibin alpha? Our Mouse Anti-Human Inhibin Alpha Antibody, clone R1, is highly cited with over 25 citations and is suitable for a range of applications.


Week 26: December 24, 2018
Our Mouse Anti His-tag Antibody, clone AD1.1.10, recognizes proteins and peptides containing the motif H-H-H-H-H-H. It has over 25 citations


Week 25: December 17, 2018
Phosphorylation of VASP on Ser157 regulates its interaction with actin. Detect this post-translational modification using our Rabbit Anti-VASP (pSer157) Antibody


Week 24: December 10, 2018
Our Phospho-Specific Rabbit Anti-EIF4E (pSer209) Antibody recognizes eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E when phosphorylated at Ser209.

4 color flow kit

Week 23: December 3, 2018
Our Four-Color Human CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 Flow Kit allows identification of human helper/inducer naïve and helper/inducer memory T-cell subsets.


Week 22: November 26, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Human SOX9 antibody, clone 3C10 is preservative free and was recently used in a publication by Menzel-Severing et al. (2018).


Week 21: November 19, 2018
Our Rat Anti-Mouse CD11b Antibody, clone 5C6 recognizes CD11b, also known as the integrin alpha M chain. It is highly cited with over 40 citations.


Week 20: November 12, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Pig Granulocytes Antibody, clone 2B2 is a reliable tool to analyze and isolate porcine basophils, neutrophils and eosinophils by flow cytometry.


Week 19: November 5, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Bovine IFNγ, clone CC302 recognizes bovine IFNγ, a 143 amino acid cytokine with potent activating, antiviral and antiproliferative properties.


Week 18: October 29, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Pig CD16 Antibody, clone G7 is a popular marker of porcine neutrophils and natural killer cells and is highly cited with over 20 citations.


Week 17: October 22, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Human CD279 Antibody, clone MIH4 detects CD279, also known as PD-1. It is suitable for use in flow cytometry and immunohistology - frozen.


Week 16: October 15, 2018
Studying SUMOylation? Our Mouse Anti-SUMO-1 Antibody has been highly validated for western blotting and enables you to detect SUMO-1 with confidence.


Week 15: October 8, 2018
mTOR is an important regulator of cell growth. Measure mTOR levels with accuracy using our Rabbit Anti-mTOR Antibody, which is highly validated for western blotting.


Week 14: October 1, 2018
Studying Porcine Immunology? Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Pig CD163 Antibody, clone 2A10/11 is a popular marker of tissue macrophages and has 35 citations.


Week 13: September 24, 2018
Our Human Anti-Ranibizumab Drug-Target Complex Antibody is a specialized antibody to detect ranibizumab/VEGF and bevacizumab/VEGF complexes exclusively.


Week 12: September 17, 2018
Need a hematopoietic stem cell marker? Our highly cited Mouse Anti-Human CD34 Antibody, clone QBEND/10 is a popular marker of these cells and to date has 26 citations.


Week 11: September 10, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-Dog CD3 Antibody, clone CA17.2A12 has over 30 citations. This popular antibody is a valuable tool for detection of canine lymphoma of T-cell origin.


Week 10: September 3, 2018
Looking for a pan-macrophage marker that you can trust? Our CD68 Antibody, clone ED1 has been referenced in more than 400 publications! Use it in a variety of applications.

FOXO3A pSer253

Week 9: August 27, 2018
Phosphorylation of FOXO3A at Ser253 results in reduced transcriptional activity. Detect this important PTM of this tumor suppressor with this antibody.


Week 8: August 20, 2018
Studying proliferation? MCM2 is critical during the initiation of DNA replication and is a perfect marker for cellular proliferation. Suitable for use in a variety of applications.

RAF-1 (pSer259)

Week 7: August 13, 2018
Our Rabbit Anti-RAF-1 (pSer259) Antibody is perfect for when you are trying to detect phosphorylation on this residue and membrane association.


Week 6: August 6, 2018
Our Mouse Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone Bu20A, has been referenced in 12 publications. Supported by protocols, this is an excellent antibody to add to your toolkit. 

AKT1 pser473

Week 5: July 30, 2018
Phosphorylation of AKT1 on Ser473 contributes to AKT1 activation. Detect this post-translational modification with our Rabbit Anti-AKT1 (pSer473) Antibody.


Week 4: July 23, 2018
UPF1 is important for the initiation of nonsense mediated decay. Extensively validated for western blotting, our Mouse Anti-UPF1 Antibody enables you to detect with precision.


Week 3: July 16, 2018
The presence of C4d is a footprint of complement activation and an ideal marker for transplant rejection. Our Mouse Anti-Human C4d, clone 10-11 has many publications.

STAT1 pSer727

Week 2: July 9, 2018
Our Rabbit Anti-STAT1 (pSer727) Antibody is precise enough to determine STAT1 phosphorylation on Ser727 and can help give you confidence in your results.


Week 1: July 2, 2018
Being present on microglia makes F4/80 a perfect marker for neurology and immunology research so it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice, with over 500 citations.