Antibody Fragmentation Service

antibody-fragmentation-service.html Fab, Fab’ and F(ab’)2 Fragments

Antibody fragments, such as Fab’ and F(ab’)2, have certain advantages over the use of whole antibody in some imaging applications and biotherapeutic drug molecule development, due to their increased solubility and smaller size allowing easier penetration into the tissues.  Particularly for rodent-originated antibodies, the fragmentation process can reduce the immunogenicity in humans, without compromising the specificity and affinity of the antibodies.

We offer an antibody fragmentation service for any quantity of purified antibody, as a standalone project or as part of an on-going custom project. Fragmentation will be carried out by enzyme digestion to produce Fab, Fab’ or F(ab’)2, followed by further purification and quality assessment by SDS-PAGE analysis. 

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